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Background of the Flipped Classroom | Origin: ED124

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Flipping Your Classroom --> Background of the Flipped Classroom

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.


I  understand now it is Okay to post lecture material as it allows student to go back and seek clarification. I  like that this porstion of the learning demonstrated the "at home" is the lecture while the "homework" is the in class material. Again, knowing this I  will be begin to transition to having more activities, role playing, or discussions in class and posting "lecture" in the LMS we use. 

Flipped classroom is an  intructional strategy which is called " flipped"  because it revolves around student engagement. The traditional instructional strategy is where the teacher teach everything to the students  ( leacture ). Some of the advantages of the flipped classroom includes increased interaction, increased personalized contact time, a combination of direct intruction aqnd hands on learning. 

Core elements of a flipped classroom and the importance of getting stakeholder (i.e. student) buy-in.


THe flipped classroom is a great tool which is adaptive to the current generation of learners. However, it does take time and resources to establish.


This is a very neat concept, which definitely puts more responsibility in the hands of the student. I also appreciate it as a new/different dynamic, which gives the Instructor options. 

I understand that implementing this new strategy will take time and that it is important to get everyone on board and be ready to defend the idea behind it with facts and figures. I also learned that it is something that allows the students to take a more vested interest in their learning.


With the right group of students and acceptance from your organization a flipped classroom can significantly enhance the learning experience.  

I like students doing hands-on learning in my classes. By flipping the classroom, we will have more time for hands-on projects while they're in the classroom without having to give up any content sharing through lecture.


I believe that having a flip classroom is the way of the future.  Especially in the time we are in right now with the pandemic crisis.  I have used flip classroom before and I have had great success with it.  Making sure you have enough material in the online resource is a key.

I think the good thing about a flipped class is it allows for students and teachers to have deeper discussions on topics instead of just having the teacher present and test, more active learning.

Very interesting.

I have learned the relevance of allowing the students 24/7 access to the lecture information so they may synthesize the concepts at their own pace with as much repetiton as necessary. I also learned that I can utlize unlimited resource videos rather then being locked into what my course textbook utlizes.

I have learned the proper name for different teaching methods.

I like the idea/concept of this. Prerecorded lectures, videos are more capturing and can be more personalized for the student to be able to listen in their time and space. 


I like this concept.  As an instructor for an institution focusing on preparing our students for future careers, I prefer not to spend my class time reciting terms and spoon-feeding information to the students that they could obtain themselves through their own reading and research.  I prefer to spend my time discussing, practicing, and problem-solving real-life situations that pertain to the topics presented.  I believe this creates an environment for deeper understanding, application, and learning.  I believe the flipped classroom should be the primary means of instruction for adult learners.  Most adults attending career-oriented schools, are motivated to learn the techniques and principles necessary to be successful in their career choice and will take responsibilty to learn the material.  The instructor, then, can act as the facilitator of learning and provide insight and information based on experience to guide their students to greater learning and to becoming more responsible and effective career professionals.

I really like the flipped classroom concept. I am using this already with the TED talks and Khan. I would like to implement recording of my lectures. 


Flipping the classroom is a fundamental strategy that when used correctly should eleviate learning potential for the student.  Utilizing the different techniques of Flipping a classroom can also address individual student issues such as maiting focus and attention. And bottom line, if it is good for the student's learning, then it should raises the learning of the class as a whole as well!!



I am excited to try flipped classroom this term. Thank you.

Giving more responsabilities to the students of their own learning sometimes is difficult. Flipping the clasroom is a great technique.


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