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Blake Edwards

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Fortuitously, I have taken this course at the same time I am at a crossroads in my job.  I have experienced serious reflection while participating and will apply what I have learned.  Specifically, the concept of reshaping what I do on a weekly basis.

Focusing on the students needs will better enable me to assist them through all interactions, whether synchronous, or asynchronous corresponding with them.

This module has definitely impressed me with the need to be an expert in all aspects of the e-learning environment that we provide.

This portion of the course has impressed upon me to work on varying forms of assessment.  We have made great progress of adapting to how to enable students to learn, but the concept of also providing options for assessment that students may refer due to their personality traits is the logical next step in progression.

I have been working on converting one of my courses to include flipped classes.  I have been successful in developing and flipping one clas at a time.  I am fortunate, because my courses are only a couple of weeks in duration and I am able to implement well planned and prepared flipped classes.


I am beginning to realize the importance of taking the time to produce high quality pre recorded lectures and having other quality materials for the students to view for their homework.


With the right group of students and acceptance from your organization a flipped classroom can significantly enhance the learning experience.  

I work in an institution that provides education to students with PTSD & TBI and will strive to use the tools in the lesson to help them become more effective students.  As a military retiree, I have always been able to rapidly build raport with students that are still in the military and trying to gain additional education to futher their careers.  The information in the course has made me realize many condierations that I have not been made aware of, to help students with these issues feel more comfortable and at ease in a classroom setting.  I will also… >>>

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