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Any suggestions that would help me apply what I've learned so far?



Not only must you get to know your students as well as allow them to know you. Thru that you must model the behavior you expect to maintain in the classroom. 


If students see you are human and that you lead by example it makes you more relatable and easier to get to know what your students needs are as far as learning.

i am hopeful to further develop the service learning aspects in my classroom 


I learned that not only is service learning important, but I didn't realize how much goese into making sure the community is encoloved.  My areas of service learinng is different, so all that goes into building good community relationships. 


The benefits list is almost endless. From the classroom learning, to the community. I think it allows the students to take ownership of their learning becuase they are held responible to what they attempt.  I also think it helps the students develop social and professional skills. 


I would like to think that my students have the ability to encorporate serrvice learning when they take the skills they learned in the classroom when they chose to work on their own and other's motorcycles. 


People are generally motivated for two reasons, it makes them happy or it makes someone else happy.  So, using both intrinsic vs. entrinsic will only be beneficiall when determing what factor to use to motivate studens.

Motivation with any student is key.  Most would assume by teaching in a vocational setting motivation wouldn't be a factor, yet it is.  I thik most of the time the students show up motivatied, but with adult learners, they will get easily discouraged.

Trying to comminicate with them to learn what their needs are is key.

Then applying what the student needs to the classroom is next.

All very difficult. 


I know an area of improvement for me is not developing a preduice against students that miss the first day or two, but I will work on it.

Meeting the instructor ahead of time, is a great way to set expetations and properly estalish good communication

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