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Organizational Development Planning | Origin: OP105

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Developing a Five-year Plan for Your Educational Institution --> Organizational Development Planning

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I have learned additional information about the key components of starting a new program. This information will be added to my existing body of knowledge to improve the programmatic development process.

I learned more about the requirements such as a library

There needs to be alot of thought and consideration for efforts to grow a school and MUST include many individuals from the school so that you have all the necessary information needed to plan accordingly. 


its important to have an advisory board and offer a library to students and staff.

I learned that everything is vital might it be the library or the advisory board meetings. 


I learned that an advisory board is important for getting feedback on ideas which my institution would like to implement. I believe that having diverse opinions will provide greater representation for my constituents.

I would say that Organizational Development Planning goes beyond the organization chart.  Not only do we need to identify positions and responsibilities, we lso need to assure that we have sufficient staff, library, and physical space resources to support the education programs. We need to reach out to the professions that our graduates will go to work in for recommendations for training and technology recources that students should learn about via related advisory boards.

I've learned as the school grows in it's census, and as online education is gaining strength, we should consistently revisit the need for changes or upgrades in library resources, physical space, and additional positions that support student success.

It's key to not only plan for courses and programmes but to also plan for the necessary physical space such as libraries which are necessary to promote self-learning and life-long learning skills in addition to labs (computer, science, art, etc) and any other facilities required accoding to the selected programmes.

I am one of those who couldn't understand why we needed a library if everything is online.  Now I am rethinking a small computer lab with some reference material.

Pysical Space is importantg for growth


The advisory board could become a key element for decission-making process. It is important to determine from the beginning the physical space & growing plans. 


Pre-planning for additional growth, adequate space needs consideration. Utilizing current classrooms. Adding more flexible class times,

Building a Library wi all forms of media.


Human resources, physical space needs, and key support roles are crucial for inclusion in your 5-year plan.

Advisory board is a very important part of a school because they give you a broad view of the community.

I have learned advisory boards actually gain publicity within the community if they are chosen well. 

As an online program, much of this was not applicable, though it did make me wonder if we need to have a library.

The importance of a library and spaces for the future

Support roles are essential.

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