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The 10% rule for marketing was a new concept for me. It provides an understanding of the suggestions that were mad by FA to revsie my marketing budget.

I agree with Regina that the 10% rule was new information. It explained a great deal about how some things are structured in our organization

The 10% rule is interesting as I would think there should be some variance based on the market your school is in. some areas are easiter to market than other areas and I think this should be taken into consideration. 

Yes agreed, the 10% rule was a new one for me too. 


As the title preludes you have to plan and market properly, otherwise it would be hard for teh person. Also just like everyone else the 10% rule is very interesting! 


The 10% rule is new to me. It seems a daunting task to make sure that all marketing is no more than this 10%. I will be giving this concept a great deal of thought in the coming weeks.