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Basic Planning & Initial Steps for a Five-year Plan | Origin: OP105

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Developing a Five-year Plan for Your Educational Institution --> Basic Planning & Initial Steps for a Five-year Plan

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I really like learning about 5-year plans

The five year plan is integral in continous development and improvement of any organization or entity. The five year plan allows the stakeholders to assess the current landscape and prepare for the future viability of the organization. It is a fiscally responsible tasks to ensure organizational success.

The Five year planning brought new insights why its important to plan for the future, even the more challenging topics like tuition and enrollment goals. 

The five year plan gives your employees the message that the program/school is planning on continuous growth. This gives your employees a sense of security making them more likely to stay. By reducing the amount of retraining done to refill a position you cut cost, employee burnout and maintain a consistency within your organization. The five year plan as described also helps to get the others involved in the process which creates an invested feeling for everyone involved.

I beleive to many schools get caught up in the moment of their course offerings rather than evaluating your programs in the long range to try and plan for any upticks or downward trends that may be on the horizon. 

A five year plan is crucial to any business to survive in this ever changing world of education. The year 2020 has proven that. If a school did not offer online it would have seriously impacted a school being able to proceed forward with thier goals. 

The five year plan can provide a roadmap of sorts for annual activities while also offering a longer-term look at the landscape.

Planning ahead can really help the business suceed.

Brainstorming with a diverse group helps to get a diffrent perspective.

Planning and pre-planning is so improtant to the institution. Without the both of them it would be really hard to get it started at all. 


Planning ahead with a certain goal in mind will drive the institution to reach that goal. 

The five year plan will help me plan ahead and then give me a reason for continuing when things get difficult. 

Plans need to be for 5 years not annual


The 5 year plan will help project faculty demands.


Planning is essential for success in every business.  We need to do both long and short term planning.

Develop a 5 year plan and then create annual plans to support the five year plan.  Of course, situations always arise that can affect both short and long term planning and so an organization needs to able to tecognize those situations and be able to modify the plans in order to either overcome potential obstacles or be able to take advantage of new opportunities that those situations might provide.

I've learned the importance of brainstorming about new programs, what programs are relevant, and what programs are becoming obsolete.  My implementation will be the thoughts I give to what programs have been successful in the past 5 years, and start to think outside the box for the next 5 years in an online trending educational world.  


This was a good reminder of the scope of a five-year plan. It can't be created in a silo if students are to benefit.


Planning is an essential aspect of an instituition in order to ensure it is facilitating the needs of its  past, current and future student body. It is imperative to be aware of the changing needs of the educational tracks you offer and how they can be adapted and/or enhanced to improve the vocational prospects of all students. 


5 year planning can boost your employees feelings of job security and help you  maintaing growth as well as facilitating marketing strategy. It is essential to include a representative sample of staff, students. alumini and other stakeholders.

Creating a 5-year plan helps demonstrate goals to achieve and strive for. It also shows the company you are serious about working there, and potentially retiring with them.

The 5 year plan along with the Institutional Advisory Committee ensures that all are on the same page.  It provides a buy-in and a focus for all involved.

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