goal planning

Of all the parts of planning or solutions one of the key pieces is time management . In my opinion it is the most important and one that we can use in every aspect of life.... >>>


Ferpa is just like hippa basically, it protects peoples identifying info. So if someone breaks a ferpa law as a medical instructor, they would be like a medical worker breaking... >>>


I like the part about humor, i hold firm to the theory that humor is the best way to motivate,break the ice, ease anxiety and tension and keep people... >>>

Setting Goals

This was very informative.  It is very important to set goals.  A company or unit has little chance of survival if attainable goals are not developed and met.  I found this topic very... >>>

Develop where you are

Best choice seems stay where you are known, and find mentors in your... >>>

Great Topic

This is a great cls.  goal setting is so very important to individual success and overall team... >>>

TIme management

This training has served as an effective reminder of some strategies to follow as one becomes... >>>

To Do Lists

I've truly appreciated this ML 135 course. I'm looking forward to creating to do lists in a new light (factoring in cushions for the unexpected) --- that I really haven't done in the past, even though... >>>

Time management

One of the most useful skills in the workplace, probably as useful as negotiating, is time management skills.   That is a course that I highly reccommend everyone to take, you will be surprised... >>>

Stress Reduction

I really enjoyed taking the class. Hopefully it will be something that I can share with the students and use in clinial.... >>>

stress management

just finished taking the stress management course and it was helpful.  I really like the assessment checklist at the end.... >>>

Career Management - Time Challenge

I like this fresh take on career development both personally and for reports, but as I see it where does one get the time to manage this as well as do all the work - in an ideal situation this level... >>>

Time Management

I just finished the Time Management Max Knowledge course, and eventhough I am not in traditional management, I really enjoyed the course. I already did a lot of the things that I learned about, but it... >>>

Trying to Set Personal Goals When Your Job Is Being Phased Out, HARD!

As a Chef Instructor I love my job.  I always was trying to better my teaching, culinary skills or character.  As the school is being closed and we are in teach out it is hard to do many of... >>>

school closing

Our campus is closing :(... all things considered I still have faith that this will be the end of something good leading to something better:) I still have day's as I'm sure most do in my position... >>>

Mangaing Workplace Challenges

I try very hard to reduce stress and anxiety in my department. I do not deal well with stress and I feel if my staff is given clear expectations from me than they are also less... >>>

The short training was good

It's show how to handle sitiuation that mananger should take put in... >>>

Appreciating Your Employees

Just saying thanks can help keep stress out of the workplace. I believe that too often the focus is on productivity and the people who are behind the productivity get forgotten. Just a... >>>