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Managing Workplace Challenges

Implement stress management techniques to help employees cope with workplace stress. This could include offering stress management workshops, promoting work-life balance, and encouraging healthy habits. Helping the team manage stress by promoting work-life balance, encouraging breaks, and offering support for mental health and well-being is another technique to assist employees to cope with stress. A stressed team is less likely to perform at their peak efficiency.

Stress in the workplace

This course was awesome. It helps me to deal with as well as how to reduce stress at work

Managing Stress

I found out that one way to help release stress at a workplace is to use the 15 minute breaks for a quick stroll around the building or block. Take in deep breaths and exhale slowly with eyes closed. 

workplace stress

In today's work place, I think the only people who are aren't stressed are people who are just starting in their careers or people at the end of their careers.  I think everyone else is tapped out.

Managing Stress

One way I found to affective to manage stress is either doing yoga , swimming or even cooking for my family  , what ways do you handle stress? 

Time Management

Ultimately implementing more focus and direction and communication will help obtain the goal of more efficient time managment. 

Manager's Performance

Good skills including listening skills are very important 


Training for competence is good for people and business. 


Secure your oxygen face mask before helping others with theirs. 


Perform due diligence. 


Walk the talk. 

goal planning

Of all the parts of planning or solutions one of the key pieces is time management . In my opinion it is the most important and one that we can use in every aspect of life.



Ferpa is just like hippa basically, it protects peoples identifying info. So if someone breaks a ferpa law as a medical instructor, they would be like a medical worker breaking hippa.


I like the part about humor, i hold firm to the theory that humor is the best way to motivate,break the ice, ease anxiety and tension and keep people interested.

Setting Goals

This was very informative.  It is very important to set goals.  A company or unit has little chance of survival if attainable goals are not developed and met.  I found this topic very interesting.

Develop where you are

Best choice seems stay where you are known, and find mentors in your company

Great Topic

This is a great cls.  goal setting is so very important to individual success and overall team success.

TIme management

This training has served as an effective reminder of some strategies to follow as one becomes organized.

To Do Lists

I've truly appreciated this ML 135 course. I'm looking forward to creating to do lists in a new light (factoring in cushions for the unexpected) --- that I really haven't done in the past, even though the unexpected events arise.

Time management

One of the most useful skills in the workplace, probably as useful as negotiating, is time management skills.


That is a course that I highly reccommend everyone to take, you will be surprised at how much your work days will improve by taking and internalizing every tip and tool in this course.