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I learned that taking your time you doing the workplace roll by being on time not leaving early stuff like that the rest of your employees will follow.


I like how you tied this back how you can support students in managing their own stress. Good Work! 

Stress is something people deal with throughout their lives and in any setting. For example, students must manage all types of stress such as juggling academic responsibilities, work, and personal commitments. Something I learned is that stress is not always bad and this was the mentality I held onto for a very long time until completing this course and taking the stress test. Some stress can be positive which helps drive motivation, and productivity. When stress becomes overwhelming, it can have negative effects on both mental and physical health hence the reason the course calls it Negative Stress. This is… >>>

As a manager, it is common for employees to confide in us and share their stress and seek guidance. This tutorial offered some valuable insights into managing stress effectively. While quitting or changing careers may seem like an easy way out when dissatisfied, this tutorial presents various methods for handing burnout in a more effective way. 

Having realistic expectations is important. Often times, factors beyond our control, such as other departments or colleagues, contribute to the stress we experience in the workplace. Recognizing our limitations and understanding that everyone may be grappling with stress or burnout is essential. This will… >>>

En estos últimos años STRESS es la palabra más utilizada.

Pienso que todos debemos tomar unos minutos al día para Desconectarnos, Respirar y cuidarnos. Ya sea en el trabajo o en nuestras casas. En el trabajo si es el Stress se vuelve constante, tómese unos días para descansar. 

I have learned multiple ways of working with others, the importance of ethical standards as well as putting plans in place. 

I have learned the value of meditation on stress reduction. 

Implement stress management techniques to help employees cope with workplace stress. This could include offering stress management workshops, promoting work-life balance, and encouraging healthy habits. Helping the team manage stress by promoting work-life balance, encouraging breaks, and offering support for mental health and well-being is another technique to assist employees to cope with stress. A stressed team is less likely to perform at their peak efficiency.

Fortuitously, I have taken this course at the same time I am at a crossroads in my job.  I have experienced serious reflection while participating and will apply what I have learned.  Specifically, the concept of reshaping what I do on a weekly basis.

Leading by example is a way to have the people around you in the office both be more productive but do what is needed to a sure the company runs smoothly and correctly.

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