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Sometimes we may think that customer service skills are just common sense but not everyone has had the expierience or guidence to understand or have the ability to provide it without some training. This is a perfect way to assit those people.

These are great learning tools we should have them for students.


very informative. I print learning tools to enhance the effect of the chapters and give feedback often to keep them encouraged.

Time management can be a key factor in many large scale situations. I have learned a lot from these and now understand why my trainor/mentor/supervisor/coach/role model guides me this was. She must have taken this course.


Of all the parts of planning or solutions one of the key pieces is time management . In my opinion it is the most important and one that we can use in every aspect of life.



Ferpa is just like hippa basically, it protects peoples identifying info. So if someone breaks a ferpa law as a medical instructor, they would be like a medical worker breaking hippa.

im a firm believer that laughters the best medicine.

This is why it is so important tp maintain professionalism and be familiar with these laws. One never knows the identity of another, especially online.


I fell that my strength can sometimes be my weakness, however the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. I laugh, no matter what im going through i still have a great sense of humor. I feel that we can either laugh or cry and i choose to laugh. Regardless of what the siyuation is, a good laugh serves as a sort of thermostat reset. It leaves you at a point that you are able to approach the issue from a fresh angle, as opposed to being stuck in a state of rage or confusion that keeps your mind fogged  that cant… >>>

I like the part about humor, i hold firm to the theory that humor is the best way to motivate,break the ice, ease anxiety and tension and keep people interested.

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