Tech Talent South

I learned that the most effective way to build a community at work is to be open and transparent. This means opening the floor to ideas from your employees, and not taking credit for those ideas.... >>>

Stress Management

I felt this was a really good course. I have a difficult time with maintaining my stress level and I feel like this course gave me a few pointers on how to improve this issue. This can be practiced... >>>

love it

These are great learning tools we should have them for students.... >>>

Good tutorial

This was actually a good tutorial. It reminded me of what I already knew but it refreshed some perspective on the interaction between staff and... >>>

prevent burn out

When you are feeling burn out don't ignore it. It will only hinder your productivity and does not help anyone. Best way is to take a deep breath, take a break. Get away from the routine, talk to... >>>

time management

Time management can be a key factor in many large scale situations. I have learned a lot from these and now understand why my trainor/mentor/supervisor/coach/role model guides me this was. She must... >>>

humor always wins

I fell that my strength can sometimes be my weakness, however the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. I laugh, no matter what im going through i still have a great sense of humor. I feel that... >>>


This was informative and a reality check in looking at real-life examples and comparing/contrasting to my professional life.
I think its important to re-assess periodically so that we are performing... >>>

Hard to face, easy to conquer

Because of my medical background as a physician, I know how damaging stress is to the body. My "magic" prescription is to practice both physical & spiritual excercises. We know a lot about how... >>>

Great topic

 It is ok to learn and change... >>>


Reevaluating goals is essential for preparation for new... >>>

Lead by Example

Whenever possible, make the chnage before asking your supervisees to do... >>>

Best Practice

All staff  need this information. It was very... >>>

Understanding you boss

Excellent discussion I agree with the writers. For us to be effective employees, we have got to understand, and know what's expected from us. We have to know what our boss expect, and need. If they... >>>

If you Knew Who You Were You Could Be Who You Are

I liked this quote because we should realize our strengths and weaknesses to be better leaders and... >>>

Managing Stress

Take one day at time. Work on what you can change and let someone else take care of what is out of your... >>>


Taking care of the body helps reduce the effects... >>>

how to overcome strees

I find that if i leave the situation i can reasse what the problem... >>>