support my boss

It is important to link my success with that of my... >>>


More long walks on a daily basis and looking for a new hobby are just two of the ways I will try to manage my... >>>

A role model

I think it is very important for managers to set a good example.  It is important to mangers to lead their employees by example.  Managers should exercise influece to their employees rather... >>>

Personal Self Assessment

This tutorial contained easy to follow scenarios that students can easily identify with.  The quiz questions reinforced the material covered and what students are expected to learn from this... >>>

What I learned in this course

I honestly learned not only ethical management standards but if you put it into everyday life then it becomes a productive way of... >>>


Got a new position and Boss so this session was much... >>>

Comm comment

I enjoyed and had reinforced the point that we all need to be true to ourselves when considering career... >>>

Role model

Act first the expected desired actions from others.... >>>


My challenge as an educator is ignoring the politics at work. I am trying to fnd ways to process this challenge in a way where I can honestly see good in people despite what decisions are... >>>

Lead by example

It's been my experience that managers who operate by the adage "Do as I say not as I do" don't last long. 
I also found the part about knowing one's own strengths and weaknesses without... >>>


This tutorial helps us to takes decision in different... >>>

My Comment

I learned that you have to be a dedicated and considerate employee to your... >>>


This tutorial is really good at explain what do to and what not to do, in certain situations.... >>>

Too Challenging

Too Challenging and too long.... >>>

take time

take time to learn and grow. seek help if... >>>


its best to always try to understand not just from a boss but as an employee as well. do your job to the best of your ability and from there work to build it up if... >>>

strengths and weakness

No one is perfect. In order to thrive you must know yoiurself work on your strength and weaknesses. To ensure not just yourself but have your employess flourish as... >>>