Lack of "sometimes"

I think this was a good article but the quiz didnt give an option for sometimes. We all have our good and bad days, and I think the profile should reflect... >>>

Always room for improvement

I think it is best to have confidence but to also know that there is always room for improvement. Even when you think that youre doing your best job, there is always more learning and training that... >>>


I think it is best to set the example you want others to fullow.  Be organized and attentive to you... >>>

action plans.

my best advice is making sure to be organized. always focus on the things that can be changed instead of the problems that are out of your... >>>

Valuable Information

Found info very helpful. Bosses need to set a ethical standard in the work place and employees will... >>>

Good Reminders About Stress

This is a good reminder of the fact there is good stress. It is good to focus on the things you can change and ways to help reduce your stress. The plan is to continue to take care of myself so I can... >>>


Good and bad, change jobs, change... >>>

Be a Leader

Summary of this is to be the leader you would want to... >>>

Positive Stress

I need more positive stress.  I also need to shift to a different task more often to avoid burn... >>>

Handeling stress

For me my faith helps me deal with... >>>

Self Assessment

Iv'e learned that if I set specifice ethical goals for myself and strive to keep them. Others will... >>>

Managing Workplace Challenges

This was a great informative highlight of situations in the Workplace and how to face and handle Management Ethical Behavior situations in the Workplace. Great detailed... >>>

Positive Attitude

Have a positive attitude while your at work. Negative attitudes will directly effect those around you and can lead them to be negative... >>>

Lead by example

Always lead by example, dont ask someone to do something you woulnt do yourself. Teamwork is... >>>

Goal Setting

I need to set an example for my employees by telling them about the career goals I have set for... >>>