Being the boss

Anytime you are a manager or supervisor and have responsibilities your behavior is reflected on your employees if you exhibit bad behavior so will your... >>>

Meditation works

As a professional who also suffers from an anxiety disorder and PTSD, even minor stressors can send me spiraling.  Having a good support network and access to healthcare is huge, but in the... >>>

Manager's Tip

Always listen to an employee, understand what they are trying to state. Repeat it back so they hear that you understand, then provide your own thoughts on the... >>>

Common Sense

Most of this is common sense, proper etiquette, and respect toward... >>>

Learned lessons

It's a very good tutorial. I learned about tres key aspects  of self improvement: The necesity to know our strenghts and weakenesses, the importance of ethics standars and the impact of our... >>>


Leading by example is the best form of leadership..I have always looked up to leaders who work right along with you..Setting a good example is the way to get respect..Positive attitude makes for a... >>>

Best Practices, success and challenges

As an instructor , It is very important to become an active listner and not just to answer question, but hear the students. The non verbal cues are also a great tool for hearing students out.
It is... >>>


I have found that when I get stressed out at work I need to stop and ask for help if I need it. I also have found that spending time with my family and animals helps me... >>>


I have found that if I lead by doing and helping out my employees then the team seems to follow and we all work better... >>>

How to Combat Stress

The best way to combat stress is to focus on the things you can control and to put aside the things you can't control.
Stress and anxiety that come about in certain situations in life are a result of... >>>


sometimes i work better under stress. that is derived from being in the military in combat... >>>


Bosses can be fun to work with but also sometime not so... >>>


Some of our biggest challenges as instructors is deraling with new students each semester. Every student has their own personality and handling those personalities can be a huge... >>>

Handling Stress

It's interesting to learn that there is positive and negative stress. It feels like stress is more frequently portrayed as a negative stress, but assuring to know that stress can be both positive and... >>>