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Put yourself and your family first.  A job will never love you.

In today's work place, I think the only people who are aren't stressed are people who are just starting in their careers or people at the end of their careers.  I think everyone else is tapped out.

I learned that formal training is important, that employees need encouragement to complete the formal training and apply what they learned in formal training.

I learned that my boss has same feelings like the rest and that respect is better then always being right. I learned that patience pays off. This acitivity helped me view my boss's perpective, that my boss has a lot on her plate everyday and it is not possible to always be perfect.  Much Grace is needed.  

I learned that ethical behaviors in the work place are important and that the behaviors of each employee has an impact on others not  just the individual employee.

I agree with Rita. It is better to work through the issues that concern us then to run from them. It is good to find mentors in the company to help us have a wider view of the issues.

Be ethical to yourself before being ethical to others

I learned that one must adjust and adapt to their bosses style of management and look at it as a learning experience on your way to success rather than being negative. Take initiative. 

We must be the change that we would like to see in others. To be change champions we must lead by example.

Our behaviour is quickly emulated by those around us. 


One thing I learned in that stressed can be managed when it seems like to much. And also stress can push you which can help you grow as a professional and a person.

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