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Reply to Negy Aquino's post:People are people. We all want to be treated the same. Don't overstep my boundries. Get the correct people involved.

Accommodations provide equal access. UD is meant to assist in that access.

Reply to Andre Beaudette's post:  I agree with your comment. Awareness is the key.

Every situation must be dealt with on a case by case basis.


Technical, Professional and Personal skills are necessary to be successful in the classroom.


The tone of written communication is critical to a student's perception of you and the institution. Put much though into your response before repling.

Technology is the way of life. Many adult learners have not totally acclimated to technology.

Constant contact is important with online learning. Making students feel you care.

Retention is an institutional responsibilty. It is not up to just the education department to be responsible for retention. All employees, faculty, staff and administration all need to take an active role in retention.

Motivational activities have to be adjusted for each course given the make-up of the students. Assessing their desires and needs will help in the development of the activities.

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