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I learned Orientation is a key component in the retention and success of students. The more inforamed they are at Oriention the better chance themy will have at becoming graduates and sucessfully employed. Additionally, having mentors is a great tool for retention as well, because students often have life challanges and with someone to mentor them and encourage them it amy potetially keep them from  dropping out of school.

Mentoring is a key component of retention, and it should continue throughout a student's academic career. 


I learned that student mentoring is one of the keys to success for retention, I like the idea of informal mentors. 

Mentoring has a positive impact on student success.

I have learned that mentoring has a positive impact on student success, both formally and informally. This will impact retention greatly, it really shows how much an institution cares for their students!



I have always found the value in mentorship. I learned how important it can be to retention and the organization of setting up even an informal mentorship program. 

Orientation is one of the many strategies to help retention.

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