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Orientation and Mentoring Affects Retention | Origin: RT103

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Implementing Successful Student Retention Strategies --> Orientation and Mentoring Affects Retention

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I learned tha mentoring is important to the success of the student. And that there are a variety of ways to mentor students. I plan to ask for volunteers and assign them to do mentoring.  

Mentoring and orientation go hand and hand. Having a strong orientation with plenty of resources available will help lead to a higher success rate in students if they know they have the tools and resources to fall back on if they are in need of help. By offering a mentoring program, it will put the student more at ease by talking with a peer essentially instead of an instructor since usually the mentor has been in their shoes not too long before.


I intend to apply this by offering the mentoring program during orientation, that way new students are introduced to the mentors early and know that they are there to help that way if they do need the help down the line they know who they can go to. 

Mentoring is a very important aspect to the students success. I plan to be approachable and bring my experience to the student. Also, being the student's "go-to" person whenever they are struggling and thinking of dropping out. An effective mentor is the key to the students development throughout the program.

Mentoring is a key aspect of student retention. Mentoring is a great way of creating a support system for a student when he or she is experiencing a problem or is in need of more attention. Being a warm and approachable person can help students look for your guidance and increase student retention.

Mentoring plays a big role in helping students be sucessful.  if they have one they can come to you to help them talk about issues or successes they have had.  It helps them feel more connected to the school


I learned how orientation can be a key tool for student success and retention. By making students aware of the various resources available to them right from the start of a program, they can utilize these early on and have the greatest chance at success.


I learned the important of providing mentiorship to a student, new and old. This creates a postive enviroment for the student to feel comfortable with obtaining assistance. 


I learned how important it is to not only coordinate an orientation but to also coordinate mentorship.


A positive influence in a students life can not be mesured in numbers but in personl success over time. 


I learned that mentoring is important because it allows the students to come to you with any issues personal or at school. This keeps an open communication and no retenship problem. You know their next steps.


Community, which strengthens retention, begins at orientation.

Mentoring is a key component to help students through the process of starting a new education program. It can assist them dealing with any form of anxiety with all that is new to them starting out. Having an exciting orientation with support of a mentor helps students start an complete their programs which overall improves retention of a program. 

Love mentor programs :-) They work and help with retention. 

Orientation really helps break up the anxiety with going to school. Students normally succeed when they have someone else they are going through the program with. 


Ice breakers should be brought into Orientation and promoting engagement between new students should take place in orientation. 


It is imperative to have the mentor program. A student may feel it is easier to speak with another student.

Mentoring is always great for success. It brings a better relationship between the students, peer and staff.

I learned how opportunistic orientations are for providing new students the realities of school they may not have considered before. Orientations also provide students information they need to expect when transitioning into the role of a student. I have been assigned the task of conducting an orientation just for my conditional student caseload, and I plan to utilize these tools to thoroughly explain the exoectations of tasks they must complete while they are on my caseload so that they can become non-conditional.


Orientation gives the student the knowldge to be successful and have no surprises.  The more details the better the student can prepare. Mentor programs can help the student be successful and have someone to guide them thru the hard times and be a cheerleader for the. Mentors must be excited about this or it will fail for both. 

Mentoring is a very important part of retention and student experience. 


I learned that student mentoring can have a positive impact on student success and retention. At my school, the student services officers serve as informal mentors. We focus on outreach efforts to students who may need extra support and resources in order to get through their program successfully.


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