Patricia Cunningham

Patricia Cunningham

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Maslow hierarchy of needs has been an age-old philosophy, used to understand the importance aspects of our students, as it relates to their characteristics.

Orientation is one of the many strategies to help retention.

Leadership requires three components (leader, follower, situation).

The importance of preparing for annual reporting and the timely submission of the annual report.  Also learned about student grievance process and the campus role and responsibility.

Untimely refunds will be costly and have a big pack to the school.  

In this portion of the training, I learned about what constitutes a new application verse a revised application; program length, clock hours, 25% change.  I also learned about other applications like Seminar.

I have learned the state requirements for Admission Representative, Directors, and Instructors teaching in the private postsecondary sector of education.  Furthermore, I have a better understanding of the regulations and what state, or CSC approvals are required.

Active listen is another essential tool when communicating with other.  Through active listening the goal is to derive at all the facts/information to help in making the right assessment(s).

All of the tools provided are great resources with communicating with students, talking less, listening more, and being humble is critical to effective communication.

Reframing questions using metaphors differently was an important communication skill I learned in the module.  Talk less and less more.

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