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I've learned that we need to provide specific resources to assist students with creating a resume, as well as cover letter,  and strengthen our career readiness plan.

I have learned that an established, updated, and well maintained Career Service Department (CSD) is necessary to benefit both current students, alumni, and business and industry stakeholders.  I appreaciate the list of services a CSD should offer and will use them as a guide to develop a CSD to high school students in my district. 


I learned that we need to set up our career services where we post jobs. I am in a high school setting and we currently don't post jobs for the students. I usually go to the instructor to find candidates.



I  learned that finding out the needs of  the individual student  is key and giving them the resources to be successful in finding employment is monumental to accompishing their goals.

It is so improtant for us to know which programs need different strategies - find out which programs would benefit from externship and what types of job fairs would help others. 


Establishing a resource library is a must to get students and graduated to be engaged in the Career Services Department. Creating seminars or workshops on resume building, developing, or expanding one's network, salary negotiation, and interviewing etc. is a great way to prepare students or graduates for their career after graduation. Essential offerings by the institution should be career fairs, internship, or externships in the idea of promoting or securing employment outcomes for students or graduates.

This area of the course made me realize that I should start offering additional resources and workshops a lot more often. If I take the extra time to teach them in many different area of the job search process it will better prepare them and will minimize my my work in the long run.

I learned the importance of having a variety of job searching and networking resources for students. In my current role, I serve students who are conducting specialized job searches within the field of allied health so this lesson has helped me consider their needs. 


I learned that it's important to know what programs need an internship or externship 

I learned about the importance of building a job resource library, to make it available to students, and what are some good resources it should contain.  I learned about the importance of Job Fairs and various types of Career Workshops on various topics that will help the student their job search.  Some example are resume writing, interview, networking, and salary negotiation.


I have learned that it is important to provide effective workshops that prepare students for the professional work environment. These courses should last between 4 to 5 weeks.


The Career Services Department may want to reinforce the notion that getting a great job takes work.

It's important to involve stakeholders in the wide variety of services needed for students - making those connections for internship/externships, building job readiness skills, involvement in professional organizations will all be helpful for student success and growth.