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I learned some techniques to truly get students to understand the necessity of maintaining a positive online presence rather than a negative, neutral, or even absent digital footprint.

From this module, I re-learned the fundamentals of outbound and inbound marketing and how to relate it to career marketing for students.  Having spent almost all of my professional career driven by KPIs, this lesson re-framed it in a way that I can teach it to students, again, as it relates specifically to career marketing efforts.

From this module, I learned about some of the more recent trends in employers' consideration of candidates, such as requesting them to complete challenges rather than focusing on their resume.  While this is an interesting approach and definitely provides more focus on a candidate's aptitude in certain domains, especially adaptability and analytical skills, it removes the focus on past performance as a predictor of future performance.  In the right setting, this may be useful and I will share the information with students to be aware of such trends.

Having students build and maintain a positive online presence will help them open more employment opportunities. 

I learned it is important to define what their personal brand is and how they can bet market that in an online setting.

Having students better understand the concept of SEO and Key Word marketing was the most helpful information to me. 

The most valueable information that I learn was about SEO. I am currently taking an SEO cert through the Hubspot Academy to help me better understand how it works. 

My key take away is that you can never assume anything. Don't assume that someone knows what your acronyms mean, don't assume someone understands what a slang term for a job role means IE. "GRIP". Accurate and concise documentation is key. 

Having a workflow practice in place allows you to strive for perfection though it is not obtainable. Having a strategy vs. just winging it will help the students and the university in the immediate and long term. 

Accreditor rules and regulations should be the base line for checking placements. Working around placement rules is detrimental to students and universities, like covering up a stain instead of getting rid of it. Be accurate and communicate with potential employers to build relationships to help verify placements more efficiently. 

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