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Prioritizing references. Who and why?

Having students "Google" themselves because most employers will be doing the same. I have always done this but didn't really realize it was such a common standard.

I like how the 5 keys  to success provides a good framework for all of the different aspects of being an employee and allows us to think carefully through each key and help our students prepare.  I especially like the ideas around exploring emotional states as well as physical states in the Be a Professional key.  Your emotional state can have  huge impact on your job performance, and I think it is so important to talk about that while the student is still in high school.

I think it is so important to spend time in class on issues around body language.  It is such a huge part of how we communicate with each other, yet most of us never realize how much it can affect the communication and potential relationship with the other person (in this case, an employer). I know it can be uncomfortable for a teacher to address issues around body language, but if it can be done, it is so valuable for the student!

Communication and establishing expectations. 

An accurate documentation. 

Learn about employment verification. 

Learn importance of accurate data.

students will learn all included in the resume and practice interview skills. 

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