In today's educational landscape, career services professionals must help diverse student populations navigate through a complex, highly competitive labor market. This group is for career services personnel who wish to discuss and hone the skills necessary to help students become gainfully employed in a 21st century economy. Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 


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C202 | New comment by Ingrid Zekan

Agree, course was helpful. The employer are not responsive to completing an employer survey for their emplyee our graduate. I will take this traing to implement a buy in and collaborative effort fo...

discussion | New blog by Heather Savage

Important topic for Online campuses

Timely instruction! | New blog by Tara Okoney

I am so thankful for this training. Even though I see all of our students as the wonderful people they are, I want to be better prepared to handle questions of our LGBTQ students to get them ready for...

RE: Graduate Outcomes - What Has Worked for Your Institution? | New comment by Ryan Parks

Thanks Josa! What has helped you in graduate outcomes?   Regards, Ryan N. Parks

Online schools | New comment by Ryan Parks

Hello Angela! Nice to virtually meet you!  I work at a for-profit institution, so we use a platform called symplicity to post job leads and to share with students.  Since students/alumni...

Online schools | New discussion by Angela Bradley

What sources did you find best for displaying job posts for specific industry related jobs? Did you use a student portal or did you use your school website for graduates to access? Suggestions? New to...

Career Services PLN | New comment by Kristen Aust


I am interested as well.

Kristen Aust

Career Services Manager

Bryant & Stratton College


C202 | New blog by Karen McGrath

The course was helpful.  I will implement an Exit interview for job placement

Alumni Members | New comment by José Stelle

My experience as an alumnus shows how difficult it is to maintain a profitable relationship with a former student. I mean, I'm busy; I'm moving around to different places and countries. I first...

RE: Graduate Outcomes - What Has Worked for Your Institution? | New comment by José Stelle

You are right. Careful study of the lessons produces greater understdning.