In today's educational landscape, career services professionals must help diverse student populations navigate through a complex, highly competitive labor market. This group is for career services personnel who wish to discuss and hone the skills necessary to help students become gainfully employed in a 21st century economy. Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 


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Making Relationships Your Differentiator | Origin: CS201 | New comment by Nancy Lane

We must engage everyone on campus as wellas our Alumni and other eduacational partners in order to be sucessfull. The student's succes depends on this cohesive relationship.

CS201: Variables Influencing Employment Outcomes | New comment by Anamaria Delfani

Good Afternoon,  This will depend on the size of the school and staffing. However, the honest the true answer is everyone. Every department has to be on the same page and engaged in this...

Emergency Medical Technitian Program | New discussion by Anamaria Delfani

Good Afternoon.  Was wondering if any of you have this program and if you have any feedback about what counts in your institution as the related field?    Thanks,    Anam...

Contacting Employers | Origin: CS106 | New comment by Virginia Lopez

Taking notes and making sure all the correct information is very important. I have always been shy about askig for the pay rate. Something I did learn is it's ok to ask for a pay range.

Two-World Collision | Origin: CS108 | New comment by Nicole Lovelace

I've learned that there are many things we can do to assist veterans with their transition into the civilian world. Setting expectations for them will allow a smoother transition. I plan to implement...

Advisory Board Planning Phase | Origin: CS116 | New comment by Kristy Herman

This topic has helped clarify a few of the advisory board roles for me. I also greatly appreciated the sample bylaws, nomination letter, and appointment letter.

Measuring Your Career Success | Origin: CS101 | New comment by Evelyn Zelada

Staying in touch with our alumni and employers will definietlt help you in the long run. They are your best asset for recomendations and for feedback about the school and profession.

Projects for Your Students | Origin: CS101 | New comment by Evelyn Zelada

I learned that it's never too early to start your resume. If you start at the beginning you will continue to add your experience throughout your schooling.

Your Career Services | Origin: CS101 | New comment by Evelyn Zelada

I learned that it's important to know what programs need an internship or externship 

Overview of Your Career Services Department | Origin: CS101 | New comment by Evelyn Zelada

I learned that it is very important to communicate with all integral department when setting up your department. Belonging to associations will be very beneficial in the long run.