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I've learned that informational interviews are helpful to students because they create a more relax environment for student s to inquire about the company workplace, expectations, retention, and advancement. It's also best to begin practicing interviews as earlier as possible.

I've learned that it's key to create additional opportunities and support activities within the Career Services Department. I also learned that it important to cater to the entire student population (online and on-ground) when developing resources in Career Services. 



I've learned that Career Services Department is just as instrumental in student success as Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Services and Education. That having a successful and fully inclusive Career Services Department is key to high retention graduate and employments rates. 



When employers are engaged with colleges the benefit can be monetary with upgrades as gifting to the university.

Work together(by listening) with the student to learn their technique and then work on the shortcoming to make it a positive effort for the student's progress towards the needed goal.

It is so important for your helpee to know that you are listening to them, empathizing and comprehending. The should know that you care and are competent. 

I was able to learn that there are many techniques for helping disabled job seekers stay positive through the process.

I was able to learn that there are lots of barriers with persons with disabilities.

I learned what the difference in disabilities that are covered under federal law.

I learned that there is a difference between a 504 eligible student and a student that is one an IEP.

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