Deirdre Parker Jackson

Deirdre Parker Jackson

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Some current school programs or potential school activities that could greatly benefit community enhancement are metnoring programs and job shadowing.

When discussing job outcomes, we must not try to steer any student from any career choice...this even includes students with disablities.

From my experience, people with disabilities are treated much differently from their fellow co-workers without desiring to be treated that way.  Many of my coworkers who have disabliltites don't want to be singled out or pampered.  I had tw coworkers in the past who had no use of their left arms who still carried their own boxes, etc. and would get offended when people insisted on carrying things for them.  I have both arms and let people carry my things for me.  BUT I truly understand their drive to not be treated like they are helpless

I am going to use some of the techniques the text suggests when working with students who have hearing impairments...tapping on the shoulder lightly is a good technique.

Reasonable accommodations mean the student reeives services based on their specific disablilites.  In the case of Michael, who is dearf, receiving math turoring accommodations was not warranted... according to the text.

Getting students focused on perceptions and making sure to present themselves in a manner that does not cause potential employers anxiety just because of a prior criminal record.

Background checks are important for students as well as adults.  I like the scenario with the male student who applied for a job and received notification of criminal activity 6 years earlier...and it was mistaken identity.  Removing negative and false information is critical.

It is good to know that not all employers automatically view a criminal record as reasons not to hire.  Some employers seek to hire people who need second chances.

It benefits not only the student but everyone involved including the community when all student, including those with criminal records, gain employment.

I liked reading the scenario about Gabriel "Gabby" Jones because it reminds me of an incident with  a teacher and student at my former school.  The teacher came to me becasue she felt uncomfortable calling a homosexual female student by the name the student chose that was different from in STI.  I informed the teacher that she had no problems calling different heteosexual students by names other than in STI; therefore, there should be no reason to call the homosexual student by the name the student chose.  We have students called Bubba, when the real name is Brian.  So, what's… >>>

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