Lizeth Montiel

Lizeth Montiel

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I enjoyed reading building and maintaining relationships with partners. It was interesting to read the 5 keys to success. 


I enjoyed reading through this module. It reassures the importance of prepration and pratice. It is important to always remind students to prepare and practice as much as possible leading up to their interview date. This can determine whether the move on to durther interviews or not.

This module reassured a lot of the things I already new which was great! It gave great tips on writing an effective resume and coverletter.


It is important to use all resources availble when assisting students in finding a job. Encourage students to lay out all resources and have clear expectations. Service Specialist we have to ensure we are clear on students must haves to help them find a position well suited for them. 


I have learned to be sure to communicate and reach out to various stakeholders. Ways to follow up can include sending surveys to students and employers to get feedback. Anaylize the feedback and implement the changes you would like to see. Another way to stay in touch can include reaching out to alumni to host a workshop or be a guest speaker.


It is important to write down all your accomplishments regardless of how small. This will be especially helpful when working with students who have limited work experience. Always keep your resume up to date and practice your responses before an interview.


I have learned that it is important to provide effective workshops that prepare students for the professional work environment. These courses should last between 4 to 5 weeks.


I have learned that the Career Service Department is a vital part of an education insitution. The Career Service Department employment results are a key component in recruiting prospective students.


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