Sasha Gebhart

Sasha Gebhart

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Creating a team can help divide the work and not only that helps build relationships among the team that can then produce efficent work

Supporting students before they leave can help gain and build a relationship

What is the best tool to keeping track of social media outcomes?

It is very important to learn what is the best approach in teaching students or graduates. There are challenges but if you can eliminate communication can help the process a lot easier.

Being a team player is very important especially your presentation and making sure you are able to communicate effectively will help avoid awkward situations.

Before going to an interview its best to be prepared with a list of question to ask the employer as well. They should feel like they are also being interviewed.

Having a list of references should be an automatic tool to have before applying for jobs in any industry and the way it is formatted should be also important.

Networking can help find the 50% jobs that are not advertised. Also, you have to put in the work like researching the company before trying to even make first initial contact with the company.

Getting employers involved can benefit not only students but the entire institution. They can provide feedback and scholarship and overall develop a great relationship.

It is important for a student to practice their interview skills and dressing up for the part. When you practice something several times it becomes second nature to them which gives them the ability to become more confident. 

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