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I learned about the Triad of Regulations.  I also learned that even though the University is accredited through a regulating body to receive Title IV funding, certain programs still have to go through state accreditation for licensure or certification. 

I am glad there is a group callled the Triad of Regulations to oversee the educational and placement outcomes of students in schools.

The Triad of Regulatory works to oversee the educational process and outcomes for the students they serve.

I have learn about the Triad of Regulation, this is different agencies that plays a major role in schools policy, standards, and accredition. I also learn that not all school have to be accredited, but it is highly reccommended for Title IV funding.  The State is responsible for ensuring instuctors credentialing and licensure.

Accreditors’ primarily role, through a series of standards and resources, is to ensure that their member schools are offering the quality education and training needed for student success.

Sometimes it gets overwhelming to consider all the hoops you have to jump through to get and remain accredited...but Accreditors’ primarily role, through a series of standards and resources, is to ensure that their member schools are offering the quality education and training needed for student success...and that's worth it. 

Alot of attention to detail must happen to become accreited. This is not a topic that I am well versed on but now that I work with a career college, I want to help maintain the standards of the school so I feel that I should become more educated in this topic. I want to make sure that I help keep the schools accredidation positive and active so I need to make sure that I provide the best education to students that I can so that they and the school both have positive outcomes in their measurements of success.

I learned about the Triad Regulators and that the state and national government are important in regulating schools. 

Triad reulatory bodies: Department of Education, Institutional and Programatic Accreditors, State Boards. To be eligible for Title IV need t be acrredited and provide licensing through the State boards.


Regulatory oversight makes sure that all schools meet the requirements for student licensure.


That oversight helps schools provide success to students

this gives me the   responsiility  of being able to answer  students and the community about information  regards to the program 


Its important to know what your job is and to be able to provide accurate information as well as informative information for the student. Remember that if you do not know that answer then its okay but be able to refer the student to the right personnel. Understand your role and that it plays a major part in the representation of the school as a whole. 

There are several regulatory agencies that ensure compliance and regulations are followed by the school.  Ensuring quality outcomes is a top priority for the institution.  The state agencies regulate rules and guidelines for schools to maintain there license.  Students are entitled and expect a quality education along with the guideline to graduate and obtain a job.

It is interesting how the Triad entities work together to rgulate schools and their compliance to standards

  1. 1.   The state board provides authorization for a school to operate. 
  2. 2.   For the US Department of Education to approve federal financial aid for the school’s students, the institution must be Title IV eligible.
  3. 3.   Title IV schools must be accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the Department.


I leaned aabout the Triad of Regulaations and how the school is elibible for Title IV funding.

To be successful in its operation, the school should not deviate from all traits guidelines and expectations.

I learned that it takes a team to ensure that schools are running and functioning at a level that is acceptable.



The Third component of the Trail is composed of state goverment boardand agenicies. Career education sector,state goverment agenciesexerise varying levelsof oversight from state to state.