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Accommodating students with disabilities is required by higher learning institutions.  The student is involved in these actions by providing information of their disability and then also by suggesting necessary accommodations.

A common medical understanding of disability is that people with disabilities often report feeling excluded, undervalued, pressured to fit in, and/or be treated as if they were globally incapacitated. People with disabilities often express frustration when they are met with pitying attitudes or incredulity if they speak about anything positive related to living with their conditions. For many people with disabilities, the main disadvantage they experience does not stem directly from their bodies, but rather from their unwelcome reception in the world, in terms of how physical structures, institutional norms, and social attitudes exclude and/or denigrate them.

Having laws such as Sec 504 and The Americans with Disability Act helps to provide protections for individuals with disabilities.

Rethinking disability: The Social Model of disability and chronic disease, sara Goering, 2015



I've learned how to interpret both the disability and the accomdation that should be offered. I've also learned that the onus of responsibility is on the institution, not on the shoulders of the faculty.

I have learned the differences in disabilities, and the accomodations that should be offered in this module. The accomodations made are to lessen the disadvantge the person has due to their disability. the student is alsways involved in the accomodation process. 

Accomadating students with various limitations can be complex. These resources amongst many others are very helpful and applicable to academia


Accomodation is a requirement not just the right thing to do.  Treating these situations with sensitivity is important to ensure staff is building a safe environment for each and every student.

Yes accommodations are the right thing to do, but not in all situations. This is a very fine line that needs to be walked and addresse. Because not all fields of education can except certain accommodations. And i hope we all take time to think about it in a sensitive manner, and look out for the well being of both parties in this situation.

Accomodations to ensure equal access is an imperative function of a democratic structure. It may be complex at times for the institution, but without the accomodation, the person with a disability may not have a path forward.

There needs to be clear understanding regarding correct evaluation of what qualifys as a disability.


FAIR AND JUST TREATMENT to ensure Equal Opportunity for all and any student with a disability.  The institution is required to make "reasonable" accommodations in a "timely" manner.  ADA of 1990 is one of the more important Civil Rights Law.  It ensures that not only people with disabilities are provided reasonable accommodations but also are protected from being discriminated against.  

As an instructor, I often get students with learning disability and school often provide them with reasonable accommodations including extra time for them to complete their homework, assignments, course project(s) and additional attempts for quizzes and exams.


Reply to Judith Seme, PhD, RN's post:I totally agree with you here Judith and as you said this disablity subject can be very complex and there are times when we as teacher can have difficult time to decide and how to identify a student with disability unless official documents have been submutted from a licensed physician.

Really important to remember that the ADA does have stringent rules about architectural access, BUT IN THAT assures that people with disabilities have equal access to an opportunity if they cannot reach the place where the opportunity is offered.

ADA accommodations are important rules that institutions have to abide by. All students are different, but ADA tries to meet disabled students where they are at and work with them to provide equal opportunity for all. 

Students with disabilities have the right to equal access to educational opportunities.  They only have a right to an accommodation if they would not receive equal access without the accommodation.  


Everyoone has the right to "Equal Opportunities"

All instutions of higher learning receiving federal grants must comply with requirements to accomadate students with disabilities.


Under the ADA, the disability must be constant to impair a major activity in one’s life. Momentary conditions are not regarded as disabilities. I want to make sure we implement reasonable accommodation for all students who need support and foster a warm and effective learning environment.

I have learned what is and what is not considered a needed accomodation. I learned how all students should and will be supported regardless of their disability. I am glad these laws and measures are in place to ensure that all students achieve success.