The Admissions Process and Paperwork | Origin: CM201

must fllow admission requirements 100%,, having a checkist  of questions and discussin points while interviewing students and to make sure to check ciw monthly for updates


The enrollment agreement includes much more than the student's willingness to join a school. 


I have learned in this last module about Commission Rules and Regulations; information that is found in the Institution Catalog. I was made familiar the Enrollment Agreement and the importance of having the agreement completely filled out and signed. In addition how to make sure all information is organized and filed correctly.

I have learned to prepare the checklist for the interview to better complete the requirements and to be aware of the difference for age minimums for different programs. 


I have learned to prepare the checklist for the interview to better complete the requirements and to be aware of the difference for age minimums for different programs. 


I have learned a lot in this module. One main thing that stood out to me, is that the student be FULLY infomed about their rights and responsibilities, terms and conditions, everything that relates to the payment of tuition and fees, and the repayment of loans, if they have any. 


I learned the importance of having a check list before the interview, also an admissions file with all forms need it. 

familiarity with necessary forms and following policies to make sure the enrollment process is in compliance and the prospective student is informed properly. I learned about which items are to be included in the student enrollment agreement. 

Check to make sure all appropriate paperwork is signed and reviewed

In this module, there was a lot of importance placed on being prepared and consistent when communicating with a prospective student. It is essential to share all the information a prospective student must know about the institution and enrollment process so they are successful.

What I learn from the module I learn the importance of keeping a checklist. As well as having a clear and consistent understanding of the admissions requirements and policies, before meeting with prospective students. Also should familiarize yourself with the documents you send out to your applicants/students, in case they have any questions about how to fill them out. You can assist them with the process.

The information on this module helps me to understand the organization structure in the admission process.  The importance of covering all aspects of the programs, understanding the information that will be given to the prospective students and the commmunication that I need to have with my leader to be sucessful on the role and with the leads provided by the institution.


It is very important to be organized during the admissiions process. I learned that I should prepare for interviews beforehand with questions outlined for the prospective student and be read to answer any questions they may have about programs, admissions requirements, tuition assistance, etc.. 


Reply to Valecia Cespedes's post: Absolutely. It is very impotant to follow all the fair consumer practices.

College financial aid is on of the most imortant process which helps students and their families by covering higher education expenses, such as tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and transportation.

I learned that is important to create a seperate section in my Resource Notebook. To talk first withe Financial department regarding the tuition price and additional costs before talking to the students.


I learned how to organize and file information, financial aid and tuition assistance and the codes and regulations of Admissions.

I have learned the significance of being an organized admission director.

I have learned that the Enrollment Agreement is key to have it completely filled out.

The importance of disclosing all infromation to students and to be up to date with all filing. to be as organized and informed as possible.