The Admissions Process and Paperwork | Origin: CM201

Learned about the importance of clarity in disclosure of admissions requirements, information and importance on Catalog and Enrollment Agreement, tuition assistance, form completion and signature, applicant rights and responsibilities. 



I learned about the importance of the checklist, keep up the standards of the files, the admission procedures, and the importance of the notebook! 


Checklists are very important to help keep us organized.

I learned about the importance of having a cheklist before recruiting students in order to complete the admission process with ease.


Make sure to stay on top of your documentation in order to be abl to perform your job correctly. 

That the enrollment agreement must be reviewed with the student to ensure they are aware of the cost, length of the program, start date, name of the program, ect. 

familiarity with necessary forms and following policies to make sure the enrollment process is in compliance and the prospective student is informed properly 

The information gathered will be very helpful to me and my institution for our advancement.

Make sure to stay on top of your documentation in order to be abl to perform your job correctly.

This was a good soures of information for updating rule and statutus for institution always updated on the CIE site every month. Also make sure admission give student all documention involving tuition and emrollmemt.

I learned the importance of having a check list before the interview, as well as the importance of documentation of  paperwork and its importance and to be clear and precise with the information to be provided to the lead.

Very important that prospective students don't just sign forms for signing them. They need to understand what they are signing. When things are clear from the begining everything runs smoother. 


It is very important to provide accurate and thorough information to students regarding all costs, financing and what is available to them from the institution to pay for their program. 


I have learned that an admissions advisor needs to be aware of the prospective student qualifications. I also need to create a checklist to make sure all documents are collected for review.

Learning the general time frames for updates and changes was a very helpful bit of information

The Admissions process and paperwork is to be taken seriously by all admissions staff. it is important to be prepared and familiar with the policies and procedures when completing the papperwork.


I have learned about the Enrollment Agreement which is a part in the admission process to be respected.

I learned about which items are to be included in the student enrollment agreement. 

This module is a review of everything that I have learned during my years of working as an office administrator.  

To stay focused and organized, I make sure to check my checklists in a regular basis.