The Admissions Process and Paperwork | Origin: CM201

It is very important to review Admissions requirements in detail with prospective students to minimize any issues while they enroll and go through the program.


I have learned a lot of about how to provide tuition information to new and interested students while learning to apply my institutions guidlines. 


The information I took from this part is, Always make sure you stay organized and it's easier to keep a check list


The information in this part teached me that there are different laws that it is important  to know and to follow. The importance of all documents that are required for the admissions process, and take into account that we as admission coordinators must be aware of any questions the student may ask.

I use student file checklist to make sure i stay in compliance and give the student all the necessary information they need.  


When talking about financial aid to prospective students you must stay in compliance as to what can and cannot be said.


I learned that the Enrollment Agreement can be completed at a later date. However, the student is not considered to be enrolled until all the required information is complete and there is proof that the student meets admissions requirements.


Enrollment key is very important. 


The role as admission is very serious, we must avoid lack of state knowledge. 


This information proves how vital paperwork is for the admissions procedure, how it needs to be meticulously handled for it to be done correctly. It shows how we need to be in constant communication with other departments such as Financial and Registration in order to do things the correct way. 


Have a check listand follow it carefully, ensuring each document is correctly and accurately filed out.

Be sure to know all requirements and follow checklists

The admissions process has multiple aspects, one being proper paperwork being signed and retained. Secondly, Making sure your applicant not only fills out the enrollment agreement but also understands what he/she is obligated to with that agreement is a priority.


Staying organized and having a process is so important so that you dont miss a step.

I use student file checklist to make sure I stay compliant and give the student all the necessary information they need. I also check the files half way through the course to ensure that I have any document that may be missing from the file. 


Know your school catalogue, enrollment form and what to do with the files and paper following enrollment.  Understanding if your school is Title IV and if you have a Financial Aid rep and understand what you can say to a student about Financial Aide questions. 


The institution catalog and enrollment agreement lay out the terms and what the student can except from our institution. It is important to stay update on any changes to any programs, catalogs and enrollment agreements at your college. Knowledge is key and we always want to make sure we are giving the student the correct information at all times! 

I found the information in this module useful due to highlighting the importance of properly signing the documents which contain the terms and conditions and financial obligations. 


Making sure that we explain all steps of the admissons process and keeping up to date with any changes that take place. 

Adhering to your institutions Admissions Checklist helps ensure the information is covered with the student in an orderly fashion and that it is covered to completion. This helps also to guide each representative to provide the same experience to each of their prospective students.