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I have learned the benefit of closed and open questions and when each is more appropriate.  I also learned that below the line questions place the other person in a position of being defnesive which is not conducive to effective communication.

OPen ended questions really allow you to understand the persons needs and wants

I've learned that I have to be very aware of using more engaging questions as opposed to disengaging questions.

I've learned the importance of open and closed ended questions, and when to appropriately determine which one to use. 

Open and closed ended questions are very important to the questioning process. Open ended questions prompt a person to provide thoughful and possibly embellish on the information he or she is giving.

Closed ended questions are used more for clarification or to end the conversation.

Loved learning about the 5 attibutes of a powerful question - will help me re-formulate some of the things I ask to stuents!

The attributes of a powerful question were a good review to having the beginnings of questions written out. What I found interesting was the engaging versus disengaging questions. Had not thought of it as looking at the question from different perspectives. 


As a seasoned Admissions Representative it is imperative that I ask open ended questions as the goal is to retrieve as much information as possible.  I also want to build great rapport with my prospective students in such a way that an open ended question can lead to a series of answers for an example:  If you had an opportunity to begin school what time frame did you have in mind?  Hopefully this will lead to not only the timeframe, but how long this has been a goal of theirs to return to school and earn a degree.

In this module, I learned that keeping questions postive and without judgemental undertone is most effective and sets the listener up to answer comfortably. When you allow yourself to frame a question from the perspective of the recipient you are giving them the best chance of understanding and giving a direct answer. 


I have learnt how to make coversations more engaging for both myself and the person who is responding to me. It is as equally important to ask closed and open ended questions depening on what stage of the exploratory phase you are at. Either way questions are asked, at the end of the day the purpose behind a question is to bring information to the surface. Very interesting to learn the different means of collecting information through language. 

Simplicity goes a long way. It is important to digest each question to avoid any misunderstanding and be transparent with your peers.