Elizabeth Sykora

Elizabeth Sykora

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Rules should be posted and successfully modeled by teacher. 

Evaluating student progress takes time!  

Individual Learning Styles can also help you pair partners or group work.  

Competency Based Education is so important, not only for the students learning, but also shop safety.

Our school has a new work based learning coordinator, so I'm excited to see the partnerships with our CTE Students.

As competency based education is becoming the new "buzzword" in Education. CTE teachers have a nice fit within this new world.  

That formative assessments don't need tons of prep and can actually help the day to day teaching and re-framing of content.

Both vertical and horizontal alignment are important. 

Safety is so important in a CTE classroom.  Sometimes it is organized chaos, so "assuming" a kid knows how to do something is not appropriate.

It's important to meet students where they are at day to day.  

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