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Your Leadership Toolkit

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Good evening, in this module, I learned that I am more of a visual learner.  I also learned how to create a positive atmosphere for creativity in meetings.  I plan on using some of these strategies in my next meeting to discuss admission retention for the fall.



Learning about Appreciative Inquiry was very helpful. It will be helpful to use this method to combat challenges my team and I face.


I loved the part about elminating the limiting mindset.   It's amazing how many times people say that they can't do something or won't, but they don't examine how a goal can be achieved. 


I have learned that I need to understand my learning style to be able to teach others. Also learnt about empathic listening. Learned more about the various learning styles and how to tell the learning styles of students.

This module was a good reminder regarding some of the learning styles employees possess. The limiting mindset is also something all leaders combat over time and can hinder a progressive culture. 

Creating a positive environment for problem solving and work on enhancing what works well rather than focusing on what is wrong.


Ilearned that I should listen more closely to what others have to say. The flexiibility that allows others to help achieve the leadership goals as well as their own goals and growth within a team is well emphasized.


As the lesson correctly pointed out I learned all of the diffirent tools in the leadership toolkit. Which includes the apperciative inquiry piece of the presentation, which I thought was very intresting! Funny thing is even with my classes when I doing bad in one class, instead of putting all of my resources there, I would instead put all of my resources in my good classes so that B could turn into an A. Its very true that focusing on the good and give you much results.