Linda Hughes

Linda Hughes

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I believe the best thing I learned was how to realize the reason why I have been asked to give the presentation. 

To get all the information and data required before [resenting.  Know who will be involved in the decision making

and what they look for. 

Learn time management and know it okay to step away when needed

I believe that leading with influence is important, let your team know what is expected and get their support for a successful outcome.

I agree, you must make sure you have the support of your team and they know they job and how their contributions will benefit the complany.


Discussion Comment

Leaders must adapt to each indiviual they work with and learn the learning style.

Be able to be flexible and listen


Being happy in my job

I agree that being a good leader takes hard work, and dedication to the position.


Leaders must have a good understanding to every individual they work with.  


In this course we learned how to deal with different types of individuals, follow all policies and procedures outlined in the campushandbook.  How to respond to conflicts and make sure to document all conversations.  Record keeping is important and must be done effectly to ensue lost of time.  

Learn each student learning style and make sure you provide feedback that is reensuring. Watch tone of e-mails and words so we come acress is a positive even when trying to help the student do things in a different way.

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