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Social Networking | Origin: EL110

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Effective Use of Social Media in Online Courses --> Social Networking

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.



I am not much for posting in or reading discussions so I understand when my students say "what email?" when I reference previous instruction.  Anyway, I just realized how easy it will be to set-up a Facebook account for my online math class where I can answer specific questions from which everyone can benefit.

We have a discussion portion of our curriculum with required postings but this would be more open and feel friendlier, IMHO.  

I will create my page after completing this training.

I teach OT and it is common for cohorts of students to have a private facebook group where ideas are shared.


All forms of social networking are valid if students are appropriately using techniques 


By understanding my weaknesses I can empathize with student apprehension. 


I realize making a facebook page would be a great way to stay connected with the students outside of the classroom. I can use the page to post surgical videos for my students to watch and then open discussions for them to ask questions and make comments on the surgeries. 

When educators use social media in their teaching, they can have incredible learning and teaching outcomes.


It is important for students not only post about what they are learning, but critique what they think about others opinions.


Learned that using social networking and platforms can meet course learning outcomes. The goal is to be mindful of the use as these are typcially public. 


It is important to work with students to develop good social networking habits. As the teacher, be sure to include a good social networking policy, and educate students on the proper use of social networking in the context of the course. 

Students are changing and overhauling teaching methods by using social media applications is a great way to engage students in a familiar way. Faculty and campus administrators can employ social networking as a tool for engaging students by posting relevant articles, research and websites that students are frequenting on a very regular basis. 

its important what you post

I see the importance of social media and having students use them to express their ideals on the subjection matters.  

I see how engaging using social media can be for students 

Use of social media can be effective learning when it is well defined with how it will be incorporated into the course content and must have a purpose as it pertains to assessment and evaluation with meeting learning outcomes

I have learned that social media can be your best friend when teaching online.  I like how there is a relationship between Bloom's Taxonaomy and Social Media.


Based on what I have learned so far, I will introduce social networking to allow small group work on line.

Social media can be a terrific tool for connecting students to resources, experts and the worldwide community, as well as building learning communities annd increasing peer-to-peer interaction. Guidelines must be in place foro both students and instructors to ensure all postings are appropriate, civil, and related to the content. Students can post their learing products to social media, and this can be used as an assessment. Rubrics are particularly important to this type of assessment, so students will have a clear picture of how their postings will be evaluated. I have experimented with the use of YouTube and Pinterest for posting of specific projects or e-portfolios andn look forward to using it more in the future.

I learned to utilize social media as a tool for instruction. I have only previously used social media as a meeting place to post announcements.

I learned that social networking tools can be productive when teaching online.

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