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The Benefits of Online in the Learning Process | Origin: EL120

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Fully Online Doesn’t Mean Inactive --> The Benefits of Online in the Learning Process

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Online learning is a great way to reach students

The role we have as an instructor was really highlighted for me in this section of the CE course.  The expectations we bring to class, our planning, and then interacting - and how this must be “on topic, timely, relevant, and directly connected to each student” are key takeaways

Students learn 5x more info in an online class according to IBM.

It is important to make students feel comfortable asking questions and communicating with the instructor in an online setting.  New technologies don't mean students will automatically be engaged, it needs to support the learning outcome. 


online learning, it does not minimize the challenge still with educators to develop strong thinkers and students who can use what they have learned in a meaningful way.

I learned that there is some value to taking classes online. It is definitely growing in popularity possible since we are now in the computer age. Younger students are now growing up with technologies so it only makes since to incorporate it in their learning. The key is to make sure they are grasping the content while becoming critical thinkers in the process.


It is important to teach the material.  What is more important, is to teach how to critically think with the subject material at hand.


Online learning has challenged many instructors.  The older you are the more dificult this becomes.  It is hard to keep up with changing tech.  when going to online learning a institute should help prepare the instructors with classes on how to do online, not this portal where all you do is read it.  We use Canvas and this course or courses tell nothing about the workings or development in Canvas.  


i have enjoyed all of the content in thus course so far. 


An interesting read on the differences between online and in-active.

online is more flexible and cuts on commute time.

Online is the new WOW! I am learning to be more savvy!

I love teaching online because of the new ways you can reachout to the students. It is amazing and I enjoy sharinbg new insites of technology to my students.


Online learning is not without its limitations and challenges.  Not all students are tech savvy.  Not all students are full-time.  Time Management is the biggest issue I find with my online students.

Online teaching is here to stay. We have to design interactive classes that will keep our students engaged.


Online teaching has some limitations. Students are responsive to up to date technology and tend to learn and interact when it is incorporated. 

Online asynchronous teaching can be engaging and interesting for students with the right plan and tools integrated for learning.

As an online instructor, students look to you to model the behaviors they should exhibit. It is the instructor's job to encourage participation and to be observant and respond when students are becoming disinterested.


Instructors should be very clear on thjeir office hours and how and when students can reach out to them for online classes.

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