Damela Cedelias

Damela Cedelias

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It is important to use multiple forms of evaluations to close the loop. 

Providing constructive feedback to help students improve is vital. 

E-learning should include building a community where students feel supported. It is easy to feel alone when taking online courses, so the instructor should help to facilitate peer interactions. 

Creating a database with course documents will help to save time. I started doing this on my laptop and on the Canvas platform, and it truly helps me to share files and resources with students easily. 

This module was informative and provided useful guidelines to apply when supporting students. Treating students respectfully and equally is vital. When unsure about anything relating to support services, connect the student to the correct person on campus. 


According to the ADA for higher education, policies, practices, and processes must be reasonably modified to ensure that they are not, in and of themselves, discriminatory. A focus on UD can reduce the requirement for individual accommodations or mandate the creation of useable substitutes if needed.

I find it interesting that the most prevalent disabilities affecting college students nowadays are attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), learning disabilities (LD), or some combination of the two. This module was insightful and helped to rectify some beliefs about disability.

I learned about the federal laws that protect those with disabilities against discrimination. The purpose of providing accommodations is to give all students an equal opportunity. Students must have medical documentation of their disability and be willing to share that information with the institution to receive reasonable accommodations. 


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