Melanie Lavelle

Melanie Lavelle

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This was very interesting, the way they used the True Colors personality profiling system to develop teaching strategies and student assessments based on their personality traits. once an instructor has identified their own and students personality they could better understand the strengths and needs of the class. By providing assessments that engage and interest the student based on their personality helps them to increase their self esteem and become confident in their work. Therefore increasing their success in the course. Great module.

There was a lot of information provided on asynchronous learning. Including  changes in the education world, utilizing labs in a asynchronous environment. In addition, to provided ways to engage students and provide effective grading, and feedback in online laboratories.

It is important for instructors to be attentive to learners personalities in order to be effective in our teaching and help students to set learning goals. Instructors ahould practice open communicationand set cklear goals for students.

Successful learner personality traits are diligent, motivated, accepting of failure and curious. They wonder about information beyond their expertise. In addition, it is interesting to acknowledge that learners that accept failure demonstrate confidence. This helps them to work towards being successful by nfiguring out why they failed. I found this intersting.

I enjoyed learning about the different color type personalities. It is a great tool to have as an instructor.  Blue can be emotional, withdrawn; Green can be impatient, tends to make things more complex; Orange can be disinterested in routine and loud;Gold can be self rightious, needing responsibility. In learning the various color types I will try and match the personalities of some of my students. This is a good tool to use within the educational process.


It is important to learn and understand about different personality traits, especially as an instructor. Assessing the students personality is beneficial.


Virtual internships promote a flexible work environment and can be accomodating for a lot individuals for various reasons.

I wasn't aware that virtual internships existed prior to this module. I feel that this could be a viable option for our students and can be very beneficial.


It is important to provide various interactive opportunitites for students for student-teacher and student -student. Getting ahead and providing social engagement from the beginning is imperative. This helps to builf trust and a rapport with the students.


written assignments, presentations, concept maps and quizzes are great examples of ways to assess students and are effective in an online learning environment


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