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Feedback is absolutely important for students. I will be revising how I give feedback to students and the depth of it. 


It is important for the teacher as a facilitator to engage the students in many ways beyond learning. They need to be an administrator, technology helper, and a social administrator.

This section did a good job outlining the key responsibilities of instructors and some of the challenges to be prepared for like managing communication and supporting a learning enviornment.

Learning about the different types of teaching styles and which one is effective for my group of students.  Also, the importance of providing feedback, fostering a positive learning environment and problem based learning for the students. 


"Yes, make sure each message sent conveys the intended message. There are no nonverbal cues in online learning. Therefore, students take what you say literally". I enjoyed this swction, having taken online courses before, I can see where miscommunication can easily happen both from the instructor as well as other learners.

Engagement, miscommunication, facilitation and a safe environment are all keywords!

Learning from past and current experiences to adjust accordingly for the class and still be within the objectives of the class. Also getting feedback from students to help with the adjusting for future classes to make it even better. 


instructors have lots of roles to fill as an online instructor


providing timely respones encourages student participation


Observe and make adjustments in a timely manner; be ready to change"hats" spontaneously.

again good communication is key. staying in contact with students and help them the best we can with what we have 

It is important to measure the success of student learning through several aspects of the course. A mixture of feedback is best. The facilitator must clearly communicate every expectation, including how to interact and provide feedback. It is important for the instructor to lead by example. 

I've learned that keeping students engaged is very essential to online learning. I think that using the same style of teaching for my hybrid classes for engagment will help with a lot more mentoring.

As instuctors, we need to find ways to engage our students in the content and to promote communication between the student and the instructor as well as between the students themselves. We also need to evaluate whether the options we chose are working to get the students involved and keep them interested.


Engaging our students is very inportant and can help acheive higher learning.  As instructors we have many roles to fill but the most important is keeping our students engaged and being available to them.


Teachers as Facilitators... This means shifting roles from a lecturer to a facilitator who provides resources, monitors progress and encourages students to problem solve. Teachers reap benefits when they see how excited their students are about applying their knowledge to solve a problem. 

It is important to engage with the students and give feedback as often as possible. this will ensure they don't feel alone while learning online and will be able to connect with their classmates and Instructor. 

Feedback is the most important for students.

Structuring a course based on students' feedback is a great way for the learning platform to evolve.


Though is will be challenging I hope to use several differant methods to encourage participation and constantly evaluate how useful it has been