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Synchronous versus Asynchronous Learning | Origin: EL104

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Teaching and Organizing a Virtual Learning Environment --> Synchronous versus Asynchronous Learning

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Communication is the most important aspect of online teaching. 

In an online environment it is important to establish if you will conduct a synchronis or asynchronis classroom. I personally would like asynchronis and not have to coordinate all the students through time zones. 

It was valuable to know that synchronis and asynchronis methods both have their place when teaching a class. Utlizing a asynchronis method has a major advantage of helping to overcome differing time zones of students.

Being a traditional old scgool instructor I would incorporate both.


Organizational skills are very important once you have decided whether you will create an asynchronus or synchronus lesson


Asynchronus and synchronus teaching is important and they both have benefits and downsides to both.  It is important to know which one to use and when to use it to fit the needs of the learner. 


This module taught me that a  pattern of teaching basically characterizes how an instructor provides information to students and how a virtual classroom practice becomes obvious as it is repeated consistently over a period of time. Again this really isn't different from a real life classroom.

Your organization, rules, timelines, user-friendly ease and a multitude of teaching abilities and tools must be determined and mastered. Asynchronous or synchronous teaching can be used for different portions of your course.  Understand how you will feel comfortable teaching and understand the needs of the student.

Communcation is the most important aspect both ways instructor and student. Also being well prepared for the time alotted for the class with appropriate information to fill in the time of the class to cover objectives. 


communication & accessbility are key


We were forced to move classes online in two days due to COVID-19 and I wish I would have already had the knowledge of the tools we are using so that I could have taught the students how to use them before.


They are having to learning how to set up their online assignments and also do them at the same time.  Going on week 2 I think we all feel a little better than last week about it


Synchronous versus Asynchronous:  Asynchronous learning needs a greater sense of organization than Synchronous, and Asynchronous also but a greater burden on the student in referecne to time management

I need to organize something to replace discussion, and apply this replacement to a course that is designed asynchronously, when I have only one student signed-up.

Consistancy is key. Also, my realizing that not all students will particiate and that is on them not me. If I make all the information and data accessible they need to be responsible as well

communication is number one! reconizing that students all learn at a different pace. 

I have learning communication is extremely important, and guideline must be set and understand by the students at the beginning of the course. 

Organization and Comunication are key for when setting up your course.  You need to make sure your students can progress through the course in its intended manner.  Commuicate with your student in what you expect in them and let them know how to get ahold of you if they have questions.

Content delivery is important and must be appropriate for the course and course content. It is important that the instructor and students understand the components of the course and whether or not synchronous or asynchronous learning is essential to the learning process. 

I have learned that regardless of whether the class is synchronous or asynchronous or mix of both, the information must be organized and presented in a consistent manner so the students know what is expected of them. A well organized class that is presented in a consistent manner from week to week will help the students use their time and their tools to their best advantage. 


I have learned that it is important to determine which method of online teaching works the best for the student. I also learned that communication and organization is key.  Having an LMS to upload course content is an essential tool for easy transmission of assignments and exam.


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