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Using the Tshirts to learn the position and size of the organs and using objects eg stuffed animals the size of infants to practise CPR.

Using things around us to teach

great course

great course

Using an artistic approach to encourage memory retention often works even if students do not feel they have artistic abilities. I often have my students recreate the bones of the skull or recreate an atom using modeling clay or styrofoam. Most students enjoy these activities and often ask when we will do similar activities. I keep several examples in my room on display to get the students excited as to what are some upcoming classroom activities.

Nice Information.

I have learned to make learning fun and interactive. This not only engages students but will help them critically think and remember!

I think I can use T-shirts, shower caps and adapt sheets with chalk on sidewalks to teach anatomy.  Chalk on sidewalks also can be used to describe pathogenesis in Medical Microbiology and Pathophysiology.  I also think that stories may be useful for classification of pathogens in Medical Micro and Pathophysiology and for teaching anatomical structures.


I ahve done the sheet exercise , it works well


Great learning ideas to use at clinical  I like the T-shirt idea

I liked the sheet exercise for the heart

In this section, students were taught to use creative methods to learn critical skills. It is very interactive and adds fun to the learning process such as using the t-shirt and post its to draw the location of various body parts.  


Loved watching the students learn a skill, but not be acutley aware

I like the idea of having students pick which blood cell type they want to be and travel through a make shift heart in teh classroom. It gives me ideas for having students be Venous blood, traveling through the heart, other students act like the valves coordinating the movement. Also for the students to travel to another part of the clasroom acting as the lungs where they drop off a blue ball and pick up a red one. A good activity to wake everyone up and would make a great visual. 

I like the using visual and hands on learnig when teaching to my adult learners. I do like the Incrediable edible cell because for learning parts of the cell may be difficult for some students and this will make it more memorable. I have had students make osteon cakes in the past and they were both educational and delicious.


I love the fact that we can use practical items to teach our students. Forexample, drawing the circulation of the heart on bed sheet. Then, have the students walk on it to show the circulation of the heart. I am learning so much practical things from this course.


Great creative ideas to reinforce learning. 

Get creative when teaching complicated or easily confusing information to enhance understanding. I particulary found having students simulate the blood flow thru the heart helpful.