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Tara Hunt

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As a new educator, this module helped me to understand ChatGPT; benefits and limitations. As long as students are using it to initiate ideas versus plagiarism I find it could be helpful. 

I like the idea of asking students to list 3 positive things that occurred during the day. 

I found many tips helpful in this module; to let students vent, expect they may be experiencing something outside of the school environment which may contribute to their behaviors, ask them to explain a situation and solutions for improvement, expect cheating, one who cheats in other courses will most likely cheat in your course, and cheat on objective test so add in case studies and narratives to help divert student's who cheat. 

Understand the motto of what is in it for me. Makes the content relatable for individuals. I also like the ice breakers for how to engage students like working together or creating team captains with a fun experiment of flying paper airplanes. Reviewing the syllabus in detail and setting expectations day one. 

I like the idea of the T shirts to draw the organs of the thorax or the sheet to draw out the cardiac cycle. Information in this module is really inventive and helps me consider other ways to teach, even in the clinical setting, where smaller sized examples like this may work. 

 I like how this module gave examples of ways to reinforce or assess learning through the critical thinking cards, dots on watches, bingo cards for shy learners. I plan to use these when I begin clinicals. I think it is a great way for me, as a new instructor, to incorporate these methods throughout the day as I begin to learn the process of teaching a student through the clinical experience. They will help in a time when it is slow or I am unaware of how to assess a student's capabilites. 

i enjoyed this module in how it explained different ways to engage learners through inventive strategies like games. I plan to use the example of finding supplies in the emergency cart in my practice. This module helped to reinforce that learning may take several methods of education for one to grasp the topic.

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I also agree that there is many facets to FERPA training. The information is detailed and would require ongoing educational updates to stay abreast of it. 

I learned that placing sole possession notes in a student file could be accessible to a student. FERPA laws are new to me. This information is very informative and applicable even to an adjunct clinical instructor. 

I learned an in-depth description of the syllabus, being early, socialize with students as the arrive., and all instructors get nervous at times, no matter how proficient. 

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