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Creative Teaching Tools in Clinical and Didactic Courses --> Didactic Content Teaching Tools

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I learnt to teach content that i find difficult first or that my students find difficult to understankd

To use out of the box techniques such as letting an alarm go off and using it as an opportunity to discuss a topic

Sress the importance of HIPAA

Even though some of the information may be known knowledge it is always important to reinforce certain concepts and as always learn something new from the instructional material.


It is important to keep evolving your teaching style as you progress throughout your career. There is no reason to be scared to implement new ideas and methods, if they do not work for you they can be replaced with other activities. Keeping new ideas flowing into the classroom will keep the instructor excited to teach the content which is likely repetitive for them.

Great Review On How To Get The Learners To Relax In A Learning Activity. 

I look forward to trying and adapting these creative techniques in my lab and clinical settings! 

Some fabulous ideas to help our students be better critical thinkers and develop their assessment skills! I personally like the last one that teaches them to not on,y focus on what they are hearing, but to also use their other senses simultaneously, which will be a useful exercise with our clinical students. 

I use problem based learning projects to have my students teach each other various topics based on state standards.  However, I sometimes find it difficult to assess (before their presentations are made) whether they are understanding the topics they are preparing to teach.  The methods described here provide excellent engaging and interesting ways to assess whether they are learning or if they are carrying misconceptions with them to their final product.  Consequently, my plan is to use these strategies as formative assessments to help guide them to the successful completion of their projects.  (I teach Pathophysiology, Medical Microbiology and Anatomy and Physiology).  These strategies also provide me with a way to make sure they are including real-world scenarios and applications in their presentations.


This material provided me various activities to increase critical thinking skills and increase learner knowledge. 

These were interesting ideas for promoting critical thinking in the classroom.


Reinforcement of HIPAA guidelines are important depending on the information that is being presented. However, interactive learning allows students to think critically, express theselves, knowledge sharing, and induce learning. Stardard approaches to teaching is less effective and fails keep the attention of the audience.


Engaging activities to assess the students learning for that day. Learning can and should be fun.


Utilizing a different approach when presenting more challenging topics that have previously not had the favorable outcomes that I wanted. Attempt changing the presentation method to reach more learners and achieve more success in comprehension of the topic.

I found the example of teaching when you do not have all the required supplies for an assignment. The game helps for students to at least learn what is requirements even it is not able to demostrate the supplies.  

What I have learned and will use are many of the teaching tools that I learned today. The one I like the best is eyes and ears adn take a picture. Medical assisting  students have to learn to use all senses when we are talking to patients are taking a chief complaint. The paitients mouth may say one thing and the body is saying another.


I love the idea of the flip game to help the student's anxiety.

Sometimes it is best to give the student's a "mental"  break . It can be overwheliming.


I love activities that are different and engaging for the students.

Classroom activities are a good way to reinforce information and introduce critical thinking.

Using different styles of teaching helps make the classroom interesting

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