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Using Individual Activities to Teach Medical Terminology | Origin: ED310

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Teaching Medical Terminology in Fun and Exciting Ways --> Using Individual Activities to Teach Medical Terminology

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Many of the suggested activities seem fun and will provide opportunities for active learning. I will most likely incorporate all of them although I might have issues with the sports themed games since I am not good with the rules of baseball or football!

I really like the idea of a word search! I have used the crossword puzzle one but will look for a word search generator!

I think the crossword puzzles would be fun and the concentration game as well.

I love these ideas And I look forward to using the ideas in lab and in clinical. I wish that I had others to share or good references to share.

matching game for sure


I will be doing the word search and cross word puzzles.


I have learned that activities can increase the learner's confidence and promotes success in those who needs a little more review than others.

Word search so it is!

I liked all of the suggetions for increasing the retention of medical terminology. If I had to chose I would implement the mystery term week  because this activity also carried over afer school. I also liked make a match becaue that would really get them motivated in school. 


I will be using the matching game as one of my teaching methods.


I think all of them are interesting, but I'll most likely use the Crossword, Word Searches, Make me a match, and Mystery Weekly Term more often than the sports games. I also will look into trying the relay races.


I think Crossword Puzzles are a great option for students who are analytical and maybe more independent learners. 

Definitely could be used for reinforcement of learning. 

learned there is a multitude of games to play instead of continuing to fill class time with lectures. 


I really like the Make Me a Match Cards game!  In addition to doing terms and definitions, I'm going to do infections/diseases and clinical manifestations.

I learned a multitude of games to peak interest in my classroom and fill up time. I think the ball toss would be a good game . Everyone would be standing and they can't be falling to sleep in the class. 

In this module, I learned that although games and class activities are effective teaching/learning tools, different students have different learning preferences and comfort zones.  In this module, we learned individual learning activites that might better suit such learners.

I really liked the mystery word idea. It rewards concentration and stimulates problem solving.

I like the word search and crossword puzzle ideas.


I love crossword and even the word search. However, I never really knew an easy way to create it, nor did I take the time to search for available tools for the creation of the assignment. 


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