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Extending the Curriculum | Origin: ED207

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Outside the Classroom: Experiential Learning --> Extending the Curriculum

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Internships are an invaluable resource, not only for the organization to see the performance and mentor a future employee, but also for the student to have an opportunity to apply what they have learned in a real-world working environment.


I have always been a great believer in intership as a complimentary prepesration and ferther orientation of the students for their future.

The experience adquired through intership is of upmost importance for the student, it lets them understand and deal with the everyday environment of their future workplace.

It is and excellent work placement opportunity for the students, those who do their work and show their knowlegde are very good candidates to stay in the company and be hired with better pay.


I've Learned That Internships Open Doors For Many Who Don't Know If They Picked the Correct Field To Enter.  

Internships provide and excellent opportunity for a win:win situation. The employee gains experience and networking opportunities and the employer gains a comitted employee. 


In this section I learned about experiential learning, which is a student-centered way to provide educational experience to students outside of on-ground classroom experience. This will include field experience and/or internship for students.

This is type of leaning that will improve students’ opportunities for job skills, human relations skills, etc. Students have opportunity to practice early employment experiences whatever their future jobs will require.  This will be a great carrier development opportunity or students while in school. My students as future nurses, usually take clinical classes in hospitals while still in school, which is a great example of an experiential learning  for them.    

An internship is definitly a plus for all parties. Different jobs in different career fields require different skillsets and actions to fit in with the work force already established, also different personality traits can help teach different human relationship skills. An inturnship will help the employer to better understand which skills an intern have or need iimprovement on and if they have the right insight or attitude for the position before actually hiring them. It also helps the intern to make a better decision whether or not the career path they have choosen is right for them. It also helps the education facility with placing graduates in the best areas to match their skills and possibly cut down on the number of times to help place the graduate in jobs.


This section provides a good overview of the benefits of an internship.  I had one in college and it was an amazing experience.


Nursing internships provide students real world experience.  During nursing clinical experiences students usually only care for 1-2 patients.  An internship allows them to experience the management needed to care for 6-8 patients.  Very different


I am an advocate of on the job training. It is one of the best ways to jump start a profession.

Internships can be very useful with job placement and post graduation job applications.  It will also help students with the process of elimination.  They can make decisions about what jobs they want to do and what job titles they wish to not engage or further pursue an interest in. 


Internships will help student become more familiar with careers they are choosing.  It will give them experience to make better career choices.  Give them knowledge of the actual career.


Internships give the student to demonstrate to an employer his/her skills for employment unlike other applicants. It gets the students foot in the door. 

Internships provide the student opportunites to grow and demonstrate to future employers their skills and knowledge base. It is imperative that students are in an environement to which they can flourish and be fostered in. In turn internships provide additonal opportunity for students to gain employment after completion of their program. 


I think using the internship model in my class would be beneficial for students as well.  


Nursing internships give students a great opportunity for learning in a real-life situation and allows the employeer to see how the intern acts and bahes to see if the person will be a good fit for the organization. 

It helps studetns to learn more about the workforce as a RN


Internships can be a win win opportunity for the student, school and potential employer. 

Internships offer individuals who are new to the workplace an opportunity to work in their field of interest, prior to full-time employment. Excellent opportunities can be obtained, The Virtual Internship environment can nurture and perfect skills for future employment. Most internships can begin after the first completed year of study.

Internships are particularly beneficial to individuals who are thinking of a career change. These individuals can obtain excellent work experience, build a portfolio, and become comfortable networking.

With more than 18 years of experience; I tell students that it's just not good enough to graduate with a degree. In order to be globally competitive, you must have internship experience.


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