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Manage, Share and Organize Information | Origin: ED119

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Using Technology to Engage and Educate --> Manage, Share and Organize Information

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Using the cloud for students to store documents will help to minimize lost flash drive content.

It is amazing how beneficial it is for us to use technology, but sometimes we need to make sure we have a back up for when it is down.

Having the students able to use technolgy live in the classroom is so useful.

Google docs is a wonderful resource for students to use at school or at home.

I am still learing the benefits of using such resources as Google docs, Prizi ( which I find harder to use than PowerPoint) butit offers many more options to be interactive.

I see the benefits of Google Docs Prizi and others. Especially if the learner can review the lesson at their best time of the day and in their comfort/learning zone.

But I've had cases where the internet has gone down on campus and I've had a back up on disc (yes was some time ago) and was able to continue with the class. I have to agree with Mr. Conner III you should still have a back up locally.

I've learned that this course needs to be updated if it is refering to Office 2013 as been the latest release.  There are so many other tools out there today.  I find the content in this course referencing outdated technology.  

Technology offers many ways to share info, collaborate, and contribute to bodies of knowledge...which can be a big multiplier for learners.

I learnt about the characteristics of several technological tools which can be integrated into a traditional learning environment


Students can relate to information presented in a multimedia application due to their personal experience with social media and internet use.


Having the students able to use technolgy live in the classroom is so useful.

The use of technology in the classroom is key in today's society and to the success and development of education going forward.

I have learned to utilize different tools instead of just the regular power point presentation.  Incorporating newer and better tools such as slide share and others can help renew my teaching style

I did not realize how many resources were available online that are useful to enhance student engagement and learning - a challenge I face teaching evening courses. 


I will definitely utilize as many as I can to keep my evening students interested, engaged, and interactive.


I learned about new technology tools and applications that can be used to collaborate online.


Lots of ways to save time and resources by adding technology.


Using technology in the class can make it more student centered and not teacher centered.


The Slides That Rock from the has the twelve points to make great slides.  I am going to look at my slides and try to follow those points.


So many apps, website, web-sharing, and presentations tools are now available, it can be confusing sometime as which one to use and which one is the best one for teachers as well as students. This might be seen as a limitation for older generation of teachrs with limited knowledge of technology

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