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Reply to Ann Nelson's post:I am totally in agreement with you here Ann and just to add my thoughts to your nice post, yes intelligent teachers can motivate their students but to a certain point, students themselves must have a certain amount of willingness to be motivated and to follow teachers instructions, teachers cannot motivate anyone who doesn't want to be motivated, there is a certain level of self movement that has to be taken place with a minimum level of action from the part of students, teachers can only do so much. Learning is not put into a… >>>

When teacher are emotionally intelligent they can certainly lead their students to success as they themselves learn how to achieve success through non-lenear process in their academic (learning), persoanl and professional life and they can shar their own real life experience with their students so that they (students) can be highly motivated.

Reply to Ann Nelson's post:I totally agree with you here Ann and just to add my thoughts to your nice post, we as teacher not only help them (our students) with emotinal settlement but also show them the tools that they can use to motivate themselves in future events as well.

We as teachers must try to create positive learning environment for our students so that they can be involved in active learning and achieve their educational objectives and reach their ultimate goal and be successful. We can help them reaching their goals with encouragement, otivation and empathy that they would require often or time to time during their learning stages.

Reply to Ann Nelson's post:I agree wit you here Ann and just to add my thoughts, without motivation (any level) a student cannot be successful or/and complere his/her tasks in an effective manner which untimately leads to failing the course, however there can be valid temporary reasons for his/her failure or not being motivated such as personal, family, financial, or a combination of all.

Those with low or no motivation will not be able to drive themselves to to point where success can be defines but motivation can be injected to a certain point. Some people can be motivated with very little encouragement where as other people cannot be moved with any words of encouragement no matter how many times they are spoken.

Reply to Elizabeth Rodriguez's post: I totally agree with you here Elizabeth and just to add my thoughts to your wonderful post, we as teachers must develop emotional intelligence in order to understand our students and their level of emotion.

Emotional Intelligence are fairly new term but have been around for long time as we human being have been dealing with our own and others' intellignce and wellbeing. Now as we can learn about our students' level of emotion and how they can handle or/and manage their personal situation and manage their emotion we can adjust our (teahers) learning patterns which can be at a level undetstanding for everyone

Reply to Francisco Gonzalez's post:I agree with you here Francisco and just to add my little thoughts to your nice post, adoptive learning must be prepared in such a way that is neutral for all student with option of customization for adjustments based on the overall outcomes or end results. Thank you. Anwar

As the Module says, adoptive learning will become more and more norm for educationall institutions (sooner or later) as the technology advances, gets faster and evetually cheaper with ight volume demand. So we as teacher must prepare ourselves to accept this change with open mind and come out of resistence. Regardless of situation adiopted learning will not replace needs for teachers, it will just change how we will be teaching in our classrooms or online.

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