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past experiance | New discussion by Jordan Hague

    I find sometimes it's tough to teach older student that may semi related to what is being covered do to changing there bad habits or get them awy from a comfort zone that ...

Collaborative Learning | Origin: ED119 | New comment by Jordan Hague

This type of learning also allows for a diverse collection of ideas.

Manage, Share and Organize Information | Origin: ED119 | New comment by Jordan Hague

Having the students able to use technolgy live in the classroom is so useful.

listen to your customers | New blog by Jordan Hague

As I have found, sometimes you just need to listen to the student before judgment. It helps me knowing what they are concerned about and then I can have a plan for that students best success for his i...

Managing Stress | New comment by Jordan Hague

Great advice, I think sometimes we all get caught up in things we have no control over or limited control over, and is the perfect storm for stress   

great lesson | New blog by Jordan Hague

Very informative with a variety of great new methods to incorporate into teaching!