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Introduction to Disabilities | Origin: ED201

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Students with Disabilities in the Classroom --> Introduction to Disabilities

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

From this class, I learned that people who struggle with learning disabilities are generally average or smarter, but just have difficulties processing or focusing.  In my class, I will try to find other avenues to help captivate my students' attention.


So far from this course, I have learned that students with physical and mental disabilities are often are medicated which is not a cure. Medications are generally a way for the student to manage his or her disability.. 


From this class, I have learned that medication does not cure the problem withstudents with ADD and ADHD but it can help them cope. y 

I have learned that coping mechanisms and/or medication do not cure a student's disability; the issues that come with the disabilities are just made more manageable. This is important, especially where medication is involved, because many people believe that if a student is "on his/her meds" that they are "fine" and that the hardship for them is eliminated.

Some disabilities are neurological based and classification of physical or psychiatric become difficult.  Inappropriate classification may impact a students learning experience with regards to subject matter deliveries.



Students have a variet of different physical and physiological disabilities and impairments, and it's best that educators understand their complexities, and how we navigate through processes and legalistics to ensure they are treated with respect and dignity...and fairness.


There are a wide range of disabilities.  Medications can help but they aren't going to solve the problem.  As educators it's important that we know how a disability uniquely affects an individual, pay attention to their accommodations and be supportive.

This section has introduced the wide range of disabilities and the different categories which will help when helping with accommodations.  I also learned that students with learning disabilities are generally ave-above average intelligence with peaks and valleys in their academic achievement.


Students with disabilities doesn't necessarily corelate to lack of intelligence, it could in fact be the opossite. I know disabilities is the common term, but I prefer to use "different abilities" as the indivuduals may be lacking in one area but impressively brilliant in others


Learning disabilities can be challenging, it is important for us as instructors to know so that we can provide the necessary assistance.

I did not know that there are countries that [possibly do not recognize disabilities. 

Many people think of disabilities as physical disabilities. But there are Sensory and Learning disabilities also.

Medicine helps manage certain disabilities it does not cure them.

Students with disabilities are just as intelligenceas any other student and can learn to function in ordinary sitautions and environments.

Certain disabilities can be classified as psychological or physical. While there is treatment for most, each student with a disability should be treated equally and with respect. Reduce the stigma that those with disabilities lack the education, and allow them to have the experience to function and thrive in a supportive setting. 


People usually think of disabilities as physical. Disabilities also include in the spectrum sensory and learning. Teachers should think of all of these when engaging a classroom. They may have to fine tune their teaching to someone's disability. Hence supporting the persons educational needs and helping them to thrive as others in the classroom. 

There are a wide variety of disabilities instructors need to be aware of.

Students with learning disabilities are not able to control their ability to focus by using self discipline alone. I try to remember this in the classroom.

I learned that there are a wide array of psychological or emotional disabilities and there are lots of different methods to cope and make accommodations in the classroom to help them be successful in their future workplaces. And I also learned that medications do not cure ADHD or similar disorders it just helps to manage it.

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