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Adult learners are often self motivated

When advising students we must take in a lot of factors.  School policy, financial aid effects, students backrounds etc.  Listening to the students short and long term goals

It is very important to be a good listner.  There are many tools you can use to show you are listening.

  1. Educational institutions should not  see the customer as one who pays money for goods and services

  2. Educational institutions should always  focus on the principal objective, which is educating students.

Many different factors influence a students retention.  We have to take their life outside of classroom into consideration.

Instructors have to take culture into consideration.  Just because an ELL student uses English in the classroom they may hardly use it outside of school.

You cn not make adjustments to all ELL students.  You must individualize and make adjistments for the specific needs of a student

Do not think of ELL students as children.  They still learn at a high level.  Make students feel comfortable and encourage them to participate.

Just because an ELL student can communicate with friends it does not mean that they fully understand classroom communication.The most successful ELL students have instructors who provide a great deal of guidance

It is important for teachers to realize ELL students obstacles.

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