Rudy Kloeble

Rudy Kloeble

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Advising students is possible when we know more about them and where they want to go. Not always an easy task but by being inquisitive to the students needs one can find out a lot of information. this information can be used to help the student but always under the caution of not being a professional advisor and that they should seek assistance before making big decisions.

As a father/teacher I have found that active listening isone of the most important things for me to focus on. I have started using the "tell me more technique at home and in the classroom and it is amazing to see what comes from that.

Students should see their education as an investment in themselves.  At the same time it is important for instructors to be there for the students in all senses of education. listnening, guiding, assisting, and using standards and options as tools to show the importance of each class. 

Adult learners have usually many more responsibilities than regular full time students and it is to be respected. It adds to the classroom environment by bringing in life/work experience as well. It is important to be aware of the many aspects that adult learners bring to the classroom and although there are some challenges I think it enhances everything 

It is extremely important to be aware of our students in the classroom. By taking time to know our students not only by their name but

some of their background we can avoid possible complications. A Instructor needs to be personable, approachable and Kind.  Little signs of care can go a long way.


I Like the idea of making sure that all students are treated equally and that there are ways to help those that Are ELL students in a way that helps them achieve their goals. 

Between the cognitive, metacognitive, making sure that the students are comfotable and using respectful strategies to higher order thinking It all comes down to asking the right questions. By doing so the students are drawn into the topics and learning objectives and it gives the instructor insight on whether they are grasping the material.

I like the suggestions of a strong support system which would include some type of tutoring, I also believe that it has to do with vocabulary the more words they know the better they can speak. I also like the suggestions of bringing humor into the class and making the ELL students feel as comfortable as possible.

However lets not forget that the American school system is lacking in many facets compared to Europe. As an example, for a regular German student they take German for years, English is not considered to be a foreigen language so they take English… >>>

ELL learners are a significant part of our student body, It is important for us to respect the cultural differences and to make sure that the students grasp what is being taught. At the same time anyone who comes here from a foreign country must also take it upon themselves to learn the language. It does not do anyone favors to avoid addressing a language barrier. 

I studied in Europe, and a lot of classes were held¬† in a dictation style, it was upon me to learn to read and write and keep up with the class. if I fell… >>>

I like that there are great insights in the many disorders that we can be challenged with. I don't like the fact that it seems like such an increase in disorders but that is the complicated world that we live in.  Ond day at a time starting with a new slate ach day.

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