Dennis Roseta

Dennis Roseta

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I understand and appreciate the fundamentals of Flipping the Classroom, especially the part about how it empowers and gives students a greater responsibility for their learning. With a "guide by your side" philosophy, the guide serves as a mentor, confidant, and secondary resource to supplement the student's learning, based on the flipped perspective of instructional delivery. 


I am both a leader and manager. 


Collaboration, networking, and active listening are key to successful teams.


As educators, we must be cognizant of all the different types of learning disabilities, and how to navigate through those challenges on our end, to do right by the student and to accomodate his or her needs. 


Mental disorders are sensitive, and we must be especially cognizant of all the rules, laws, and regulations regarding mental disorders, to keep the student and staff safe. 


Patience is key when dealing with students who have ADHD. Also, we should take time to get to know them and understand some of their personal tendencies and professional expectations of us as educators. 


It's important to understand the full array of legal considerations for students with disabilities, and our roles as educators to ensure we are compliant in meeting those standards and laws. 


Students have a variet of different physical and physiological disabilities and impairments, and it's best that educators understand their complexities, and how we navigate through processes and legalistics to ensure they are treated with respect and dignity...and fairness.


Disabilities are unfortunate, but part of education. We must be cognizant of this fact, know and undestand the laws, and be compassionate to our students while educating our staff on compliance and proper behaviors. 


Students with disabilities should be given equal and fair treatment. Laws were designed to govern these actions, but as educators and professionals, we should be cognizant and behavior with moral integrity toward them regardless of laws. 


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