Setting the Stage for Success | Origin: ED104

Always set due dates. The syllabus needs to specify rules on late assignments (accepted or not).


I like the idea of taking 20 minutes after your class to make notes about how you think your class went--why did it go smoothly and work or what you might need to change.


Also the grounded policy of late assignments--I think all students --no matter the age --will for whatever reason -have the response at some point--"Oh I didn't know this was due"



I am instructing several courses to the surgical technology students. I am using LMS to teach the lecture part and the students then learn from the laboratory and clinical practice in the operating room. Incorporating this type of hybride program is a challenge. I now can use methods explained here to offer an active learning environment for my students. I find a long 5 hours lecture through LMS can be difficult for few students to maintain concentration. Time to time I find students to procrastinate and not engage. Creative team works and simple task through the LMS is helpful.  

I was impressed with the Harvard professor meeting their student with an answer and prompting them with questions to go further along with the discussion and learning experience.  It also engaged the student to become a part and feel more successful.  A very positive strategy!


When presenting to the students it is very important to lay out a friendly professional atmosphere.  Get a feel for who the students are and at the same time setting the benchmarks needed for every phase of the class.  Syllabus and deadlines are the framework of the subject. We the  educator fill the content in along the way.

I found the information about late assignments to be helpful. A clear policy stated in the syllabus and reminders will help the student get assignments in on time.


Policies and expectations as well as assignment reminders are helpful to students and you as an instructor. 


I have always hated ice breakers because they want me to talk about myself. This article shows that ice breakers don't have to be like that, they can just be used as a way to get students to work together, and get to know more about the class.


Have a complete and detailed class syllabus and provide in detail the important highlights of the course. Teamwork is a good strategy to relax students and break the ice. 


I will devise clear and concise instructions regarding assignments and due dates. I will set up reminders for students. I will ensure that I have an open dialogue with each and every student and that they feel at ease coming to me with any questions. I will maintain an open door policy.


Since being a new instructor it is hard not to feel bad for some students not having time to do their work and not being able to hand it in on time because of their family problems. I have to remember they are the ones who signed up for the class and they should take responsibility for their actions.


It is important to give the students a calendar of due dates in the syllabus and give reminders.  


Create group assignments. Allow for sharing without experience. Students needs to function Cognitivily, Socially, Pyschpmotor 


the importance of setting the expectations, deadlines and what will happen if they are not met and reminding about them . Also the importance of letting them know what is in it for them and how it is differant from high school.

I learned I should take notes after class to figure out what worked and what did not work. Keep the items that I feel worked and improve on what did not.


The information regarding the syllabus and how a complete thorough syllabus is a roadmap to success with clear guidelines and timelines that will help all students stay on track and know what is expected, when , and why.  Also the flexibility of being the sole arbiter of any unforseen issue I valuable to remember.  Fair and Firm.

I found it very useful to learn that ice breakers and games help to ease anxiety and promote collaboration. I also learned the importance of having a syllubus with detail information on the course so students are informed of what is expected from them.


Students need to function within 3 areas of learning; Cognitive, Social and psychomotor.

I think it's important to get along with your students and build a good relationship with them so that they feel comfortable with you no matter age or experience in the field. That their success, is your success. 

Setting the expectation of missing/late work early on and frequently to help set students up for success.

The syllabus needs to be clear and expectations need to be set up front to set to tone of the course.