Linda Arredondo

Linda Arredondo

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This course offers a myraid of exercises that are beneficial to reducing stress that can lead to stress and/or burnout.

I have really enjoyed the topics discussed.


Medical terminology is one that a student will value and hold throughout their career and lifetime. I am very interested in what this course has to offer to educators...

Students learn by incorporating learning skills, such as; tactile, audio, and visual.

Therefore, as an educator we must build our lesson plans to incorporate lessons

that allow our students' to use their preferred learning skills and/or incoporate all three.

This module provided strategies for building on empowering assignments that are rigorous, meaningful, and applicable to real-world experiences and/or problems. Lastly, modeling career portfolios so our students are able to showcase their achievements, skills, and talent.

This module delivered plenty of information-- building on student self-belief, making connections to previous life experiences & course content, and focusing on student expectations-- all important factors in capitalizing on students' strengths; which can result in a significant return of their investment. 

This module offered a lot of learning strategies for building on student empowerment-- factors such as: sharing the learning vision, courtesy, respect, rapport, feedback, and technology-- are all important and increases student's empowerment... 

Engaging students in the learning process with real-world examples will lead to student investment -- which is criticial for the development of student empowerment-- students need to take resposibility for themselves & their future career success.

This module provided awesome material on the strategies for online communication (e.g.,providing personalized communication with online students can be achieved by implementing serveral proven strategies; such as: congratulations & welsome calls, using names in all correspondence, virtual meetings, media-enriched communications, orientation sychronouse chat, and ongoing reminders). This module also highlighted on interactive messages & cohesive statements. As well as, responsive sequence and ARCS-based emails.  

So in this module, I learned about how online encompasses a variety of different course options-- this based on varying levels of technology-enhanced instruction-- as techhnology is playing a critical role in shaping the quality of online instruction, support services, and the overall student experience.

In this module, I learned today's students can choose from a variety of learning modalities that involve varying levels of technology-enhanced instruction; such as: traditional, web-facilitated, blended/hybrid, and online. In addition, I also learned about the many issues that online students encounter; and how they can be classified into one or more of the seven compentencies: self-managment, self-advocacy, technologocial fulency, information literacy, research skills, writing skills, and virtual collaboration.

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